"manejar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to operate (máquina, mandos); to handle (caballo, bicicleta); to wield (arma)
2. to handle (datos); to use, to marshal (conocimientos)
  • maneja varios lenguajes de programación -> she can use several programming languages
  • manejan información de primera mano -> they use primary sources
3. to manage, to run (negocio); to handle (gente)
4. to boss about (dominar)
  • maneja a su novio a su antojo -> she can twist her fiancé round her little finger
5. to drive (vehículo) (Am)
intransitive verb
6. to drive (en vehículo) (Am)
pronomial verb
1. to manage, to get by (desenvolverse)
  • no se maneja nada bien con las computadoras -> he doesn't have much of an idea of how to use computers

manejar [mah-nay-har’]
article & verb transitive
1. To manage, to wield, to move with the hand.
2. To manage, to train a horse to graceful action.
3. To manage, to conduct, to govern, to contrive.
4. To handle (herramienta, lengua), to hand, to palm.
5. To manage (persona), to carry on.
  • Ella maneja a su marido -> she manages her husband
verb reflexive
6. To know how to conduct oneself (comportarse).
7. To be able to move after having been deprived of motion.
8. To manage (arreglárselas).
  • Se maneja bien con los chiquillos -> she manages all right with the kids

1 (usar) [+herramienta, arma] to handle; use; [+máquina] to operate; [+idioma] to use
2 (dirigir) [+negocio, empresa] to run; [+asuntos] to look after
3 [+dinero] to handle
manejan cifras elevadísimas they handle huge sums (of money)
manejar a algn: mi tía maneja a su marido my aunt keeps her husband under her thumb
5 (Latinoamérica) (Automóviles) to drive
manejar con cuidado handle with care
2 (Latinoamérica) (Automóviles) to drive
el examen de manejar the driving test
1 (España) (desenvolverse) to manage
no te preocupes, puedo manejarme o manejármelas yo sola don't worry, I can manage on my own
él sabe manejarse solo
se maneja bien en inglés he gets along fine in English; se maneja bien con los chiquillos she's good with the kids; ¿cómo te (las) manejas para estudiar y trabajar? how do you manage to study and work at the same time?; ya empieza a manejarse con ayuda de las muletas she's beginning to get about with the aid of crutches
2 (comportarse) to act; behave

Verb Conjugations for "manejar" (go to to drive; to handle, to run (a business))


yo manejo manejé manejaba manejaría manejaré
manejas manejaste manejabas manejarías manejarás
él/ella/Ud. maneja manejó manejaba manejaría manejará
nosotros manejamos manejamos manejábamos manejaríamos manejaremos
vosotros manejáis manejasteis manejabais manejaríais manejaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. manejan manejaron manejaban manejarían manejarán
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