"mamar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to suckle (leche)
  • lo mamó desde pequeño (figurative) -> he was immersed in it as a child (lo aprendió)
2. to knock back (muy informal) (beber) (peninsular Spanish)
intransitive verb
3. to suckle
  • dar de mamar -> to breastfeed
pronomial verb
1. to get plastered (muy informal) (emborracharse) (peninsular Spanish, RP)

mamar [mah-mar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To suck, to draw milk from the breast (pecho).
2. (coll.) To cram and devour victuals.
3. To acquire in infancy.
4. (coll.) To get, to obtain.
5. To suck off. (Mexico)
verb neuter
6. To suck. (n)
7. To get something free. (Figurative) (n)
8. To booze (beber). (n)
verb reflexive
9. To wangle (puesto, ventaja).
10. To go back on one's word. (Andes)

1 [+leche, pecho] to suck
2 (asimilar)
lo mamó desde pequeño he grew up with it from childhood
ha mamado la profesión desde niña
nació mamando el oficio he was born to the trade; todavía no han mamado suficiente democracia democracy hasn't become a way of life yet
3 (devorar) [+comida] to wolf down; bolt; [+recursos] to milk; suck dry; [+fondos] to pocket (illegally)
¡cómo la mamamos! this is the life!; we never had it so good!
4 (sexualmente) to suck off (vulgar); give a blow job (vulgar)
1 [+bebé] to suck
dar de mamar a un bebé to feed a baby; dar de mamar a una cría to suckle a baby
¡no mames! (México) come off it! (familiar); don't give me that! (familiar)
2 (beber) to booze (familiar); drink
1 (emborracharse) to get smashed (muy_familiar); get sloshed (familiar)
2 [+puesto, ventaja] to wangle (familiar)
mamarse a algn (Latinoamérica) (engañar) to take sb for a ride (familiar); (Centroamérica) (matar) to do sb in (muy_familiar)
mamarse un susto to give o.s. a fright
5 (And) (rajarse) to go back on one's word

Verb Conjugations for "mamar" (go to to suck; to booze)


yo mamo mamé mamaba mamaría mamaré
mamas mamaste mamabas mamarías mamarás
él/ella/Ud. mama mamó mamaba mamaría mamará
nosotros mamamos mamamos mamábamos mamaríamos mamaremos
vosotros mamáis mamasteis mamabais mamaríais mamaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. maman mamaron mamaban mamarían mamarán
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