1. (education) (United States) 
We have to declare a major next year.El año que viene tenemos que elegir una especialidad.
What is your major at the university?¿Qué carrera estudias en la universidad?
2. (military) 
A major ranks above a captain but below a lieutenant colonel.Un comandante está por encima de un capitán, pero por debajo de un teniente coronel.
b. el mayor (M) (Latin America) 
The order came from a major of the US army.La orden procedía de un mayor del ejército norteamericano.
3. (music) 
a. el mayor (M) 
The orchestra performed the song in B major.La orquesta interpretó la canción en si mayor.
4. (student) 
a. no direct translation 
Arnold is a Physics major.Arnold estudia física como asignatura principal.
What can a Language major do when they graduate?¿A qué se pueden dedicar las personas que estudian lenguas cuando se gradúan?
5. (considerable) 
Corruption is still a major obstacle for the country's development.La corrupción sigue siendo un obstáculo importante para el desarrollo del país.
6. (serious) 
a. grave 
We have a major problem on our hands.Tenemos un problema grave en nuestras manos.
intransitive verb
7. (education) (United States) 
I majored in psychology in college.En la universidad me especialicé en psicología.
1. (military) 
a. el comandante (M)la comandante (F) 
major generalgeneral de división
2. (university) (United States) 
a. la especialidad (F) (subject) 
3. (important) 
a. importante, de primer orden 
of major importancede enorme importancia
major leagueliga profesional de béisomebodyol estadounidense
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
a major league companyuna de las grandes empresas del sector
5. (music) 
a. mayor 
intransitive verb
6. (university) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
to major inespecializarse en
major [ˈmeɪdʒəʳ]
1 (large, important) [+city, company] muy importante; [+change, role] fundamental; muy importante; [+factor] clave; muy importante; fundamental; [+problem] serio; grave; [+worry] enorme; [+breakthrough] de enorme importancia
this is a major worry for Western governments tobacco use among students is a major concern
the result was a major blow to the government el resultado fue un duro golpe para el gobierno
it is a major cause of death causa un enorme número de muertes
to be a major factor in sth ser un factor clave or muy importante or fundamental en algo
of major importance de la mayor importancia
three major issues remained unresolved quedaron sin resolver tres temas fundamentales or tres temas de enorme importancia
the major issues which affect our lives las principales cuestiones que afectan nuestras vidas; las cuestiones de mayor importancia or más importantes que afectan nuestras vidas
nothing major has happened no ha pasado nada de importancia
a hysterectomy is a major operation la histerectomía es una operación seria or grave
he is recovering after major [surgery]
getting him off to school is a major operation (humorous) llevarlo al colegio es una operación a gran escala (humorous)
this represents a major step forward esto representa un enorme paso hacia delante
he is recovering after major surgery se está recuperando de una operación seria or grave
he has just undergone major surgery tourism is a major source of revenue for the town the spread of AIDS has become a major concern access to employment is easier if you live near a major city ...the major changes that have occurred recently It will need a major change of attitude among lawyers before this practice becomes widely accepted he played a major role in the freeing of the hostages he has been a major factor in the team's recent success He is determined to play a major part in their bid for the championship The government also has a major [part] to play TheIndonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas played a major role in the negotiations the United Nations is expected to play a major role in policing the area Greta Scacchi has revealed she had major problems working with her co-star in her new movie The fate of the Kurds has been a major concern since the end of the Gulf war tobacco use among high school students is a major concern there has been a major breakthrough in the peace talks there have been major breakthroughs in the fight against cancer this is a major blow to famine relief operations in the region For an economy already heavily in debt the Gulf crisis is a major blow Money is a major cause of strife in many marriages ...the second major incident involving the security forces they've now signed to a major [label] ...where the Green Party differs from the other major parties This is intended to symbolise a major step in the creation of a European transport infrastructure If these proposals are adopted they could signify a major step towards a settlement It marks a major step forward in official thinking
2 (principal) [+cities, political parties] más importante
Brazil's major cities las ciudades más importantes de Brasil; our major concern is the welfare of the hostages nuestra principal preocupación es el bienestar de los rehenes
It is one of the major problems confronting the government the major parties
3 (Mús) [+chord, key] mayor
C major do mayor
...the scale of C major Schubert's sonata [in] C major
4 (Britain) (Educ)
Jones Major Jones el mayor
1 (Mil) comandante (m); mayor (m); (LAm)
2 (US) (Univ) (subject) asignatura (f) principal
My major's English; I get As and high Bs in that.
he's a Spanish major estudia español como asignatura principal
music science languages major Steve Jandrell is a third year music major.
3 (US) (Baseball)
the majors las grandes ligas
intransitive verb
to major in sth (US) (Univ) especializarse en algo
major general (n) (Mil) general (m) de división
...his first sonata written in a major key [in] the major key
major league (n) (US) liga (f) principal
major suit (n) (Bridge) palo (m) mayor
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