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usage note
"Majo" also refers to a 18th and 19th century archetype of working-class Madrid men and women, known for their flashy dress and carefree attitudes, an aesthetic which became popular among the aristocracy as well.
1. (simpático) 
a. nice 
2. (bonito) 
a. pretty 
3. (como apelativo) 
¡oye, majo, déjame ya!look, leave me alone, will you?
bueno, majos,…right guys,…
4. (arte & hist) 
a. lower-class native of 18th-19th century Madrid, characterized by colourful traditional dress and proud manner 
majoa maja
1 [+persona] (agradable) nice; (guapo) attractive; good-looking
2 [+cosa] nice
¡qué blusa tan maja! what a nice blouse!
3 (uso apelativo)
¡hola maja! ¿qué tal te va? hello, love! how's things?; oye, majo, haz el favor de callarte do me a favour, will you just shut up?
(Hist) inhabitant of the working-class neighbourhoods of Madrid in the 18th and 19th centuries
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