1. (simpático) 
a. nice 
2. (bonito) 
a. pretty 
3. (como apelativo) 
¡oye, majo, déjame ya!look, leave me alone, will you?
bueno, majos,…right guys,…
4. (arte & hist) 
a. lower-class native of 18th-19th century Madrid, characterized by colourful traditional dress and proud manner 
majoa maja
1 [+persona] (agradable) nice; (guapo) attractive; good-looking
2 [+cosa] nice
¡qué blusa tan maja! what a nice blouse!
3 (uso apelativo)
¡hola maja! ¿qué tal te va? hello, love! how's things?; oye, majo, haz el favor de callarte do me a favour, will you just shut up?
(Hist) inhabitant of the working-class neighbourhoods of Madrid in the 18th and 19th centuries
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