1. (produced by magic) 
a. mágico 
The ogre's brute force was no match for the sorcerer's magical powers.La fuerza bruta del ogro no pudo con los poderes mágicos del hechicero.
We spent a magical night at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.Pasamos una noche mágica en el Teatro alla Scala en Milán.
2. (wondrous) 
a. milagroso 
During his magical transformation, he lost 40 pounds in six months.Sufrió una transformación milagrosa y bajó 40 libras en seis meses.
3. (enchanting) 
a. mágico 
Swimming with dolphins was a magical experience.Nadar con los delfines fue una experiencia mágica.
1. (general) 
a. mágico(a) 
magical [ˈmædʒɪkəl]
1 [+powers, properties] mágico
the stone was said to have magical properties if he failed to find the ring he would lose his magical powers
2 (captivating) [+experience, moment] mágico
...that magical moment when your baby smiles at you for the first time Watching the band onstage is a magical experience ... a magical experience that I will never forget
(miraculous) [+transformation] milagroso
she had undergone a magical transformation había sufrido una transformación milagrosa
the sudden, magical, transformation of arid desert into luxuriant growth, teeming with life, at the coming of the rains magical mystery tour These holiday deals are something of a magical mystery tour but for many people this is all part of the fun Millroy's character leads Jilly on a magical mystery tour into the heart of America The track is a magical mystery tour of strange barking noises driving beats and clanging Buddhist bells
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magical realism
el realismo mágico
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poder mágico
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