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feminine noun
1. (at the begining of the day)
a. dawn
Tuvimos que levantarnos de madrugada para tomar el vuelo.We had to get up at dawn to catch the flight.
b. early morning
Emprendimos nuestro viaje de madrugada.We began our journey early in the morning.
2. (late at night)
a. morning
Estudiamos hasta las cinco de la madrugada.We were studying till five in the morning.
b. wee hours
Me gusta conducir de madrugada.I like driving in the wee hours.
feminine noun
1. dawn (amanecer)
  • de madrugada at dawn
2. early morning (noche)
  • las tres de la madrugada three in the morning
(noche) early morning; small hours
; (p)
(alba) dawn; daybreak
de madrugada in the small hours; levantarse de madrugada to get up early o at the crack of dawn; a las cuatro de la madrugada at four o'clock in the morning; at four a.m.
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