feminine noun
1. dawn (amanecer)
  • de madrugada -> at dawn
2. early morning (noche)
  • las tres de la madrugada -> three in the morning

madrugada [mah-droo-gah'-dah]
1. Dawn, the first appearance of light. (f)
2. The act of rising early in the morning. (f)
  • De madrugada -> at break of day
  • A las 4 de la madrugada -> at 4 0' clock in the morning

(noche) early morning; small hours
; (p)
(alba) dawn; daybreak
de madrugada in the small hours; levantarse de madrugada to get up early o at the crack of dawn; a las cuatro de la madrugada at four o'clock in the morning; at four a.m.

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