usage note
This word is often capitalized in the sense shown in 1), and must be preceded by the indefinite article in the sense shown in 2).
1. (art) 
a. la madona (F) 
The Madonna has a vacant stare in Botticelli's Madonna of the Pomegranate.La virgen tiene la mirada vacía en la Madona de la granada de Botticelli.
b. la virgen (F) 
Luke has a madonna on his dashboard in his car.Luke tiene una virgen en el salpicadero de su auto.
proper noun
2. (religious) 
a. la Virgen (F) 
The Catholic neighbors meet weekly to pray the rosary to the Madonna.Los vecinos católicos se reúnen semanalmente para rezar el rosario a la Virgen.
Madonna [məˈdɒnə]
Virgen (f)
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