feminine noun
1. fire
  • dar lumbre a alguien -> to give somebody a light
  • encender la lumbre -> to light the fire

lumbre [loom’-bray]
1. Fire (fuego), anything burning. (f)
2. Spark from a flint. (f)
3. Splendor, brigtness (brillo); lucidity, clearness. (f)
4. Light (para cigarrillo). (f)
  • Cerca de la lumbre -> near the fire, -pl
5. Hammer, that part of a gun-lock which strikes fire from the flint. (f)
6. Forepart of horse-shoes. (f)
1. Tinderbox, with the materials for striking fire.

1 (fuego) fire
a la lumbre cerca de la lumbre near the fire; by the fireside
echar lumbre por los ojos to be furious
2 (para cigarro) light
¿me das lumbre? ¿tienes lumbre? have you got a light?
3 (luz) light; (brillo) brightness; brilliance
lumbre del agua surface of the water
4 (Archit) (claraboya) skylight; (abertura) light; opening in a wall; (in a wall)

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