"luces" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to shine (brillar)
2. to look good (quedar bonito)
  • luce mucho en el salón -> it looks really good in the lounge
  • luce mucho decir que hablas cinco idiomas -> being able to say that you speak five languages looks really good
3. (rendir)
  • no me lucían tantas horas de trabajo -> I didn't have much to show for all those hours I worked
  • dijo que estudió mucho para el examen — pues no le ha lucido -> he said he studied very hard for the exam — well, it hasn't done him much good
4. to look (parecer) (Am)
  • luce muy joven -> she looks very young
transitive verb
5. to wear, to sport (llevar); to show off, to sport (exhibir)
pronomial verb
1. to shine (destacar)(en at)
  • a la hora de cocinar, siempre se luce -> he's a real star when he gets in the kitchen
  • te has lucido (Irónico) -> you've excelled yourself!

lucir [loo-theer’]
article & verb transitive
1. To emit light, to glitter, to gleam, to glow.
2. To illuminate (iluminar), to enlighten.
3. To outshine, to exceed.
4. To show off, to display.
  • Lucía traje nuevo -> he was sporting a new suit
verb neuter & verb reflexive
5. To shine, to be brilliant. (n)
  • Le luce el trabajo -> he enjoys the fruits of his labor
6. To dress to advantage. (n)
  • Lucirlo -> (coll.) to dash away, to sport
(Yo luzco, yo luzca, from Lucir. V. DESLUCIR.

1 (brillar) to shine
lucían las estrellas the stars were shining
2 (destacar) to excel
no lucía en los estudios he did not excel as a student
3 (aprovechar)
trabaja mucho, pero no le luce el esfuerzo he works hard but it doesn't do him much good
así le/te/me luce el pelo
nunca estudia y así le luce el pelo he never studies and it shows
4 (Latinoamérica) (parecer) to look; seem
(te) luce lindo it looks nice (on you)
(ostentar) to show off; [+ropa] to sport
lucir las habilidades to show off one's talents; lucía un traje nuevo he was sporting a new suit; siempre va luciendo escote she always wears low-cut dresses
1 (destacar) to excel
Carlos se lució en el examen Carlos excelled in the exam; se lució con un gol he distinguished himself with a goal
2 (hacer el ridículo) to excel o.s.
¡te has lucido! you've excelled yourself!

Verb Conjugations for "lucir" (go to to shine; to show off; to excel)


yo luzco lucí lucía luciría luciré
luces luciste lucías lucirías lucirás
él/ella/Ud. luce lució lucía luciría lucirá
nosotros lucimos lucimos lucíamos luciríamos luciremos
vosotros lucís lucisteis lucíais luciríais luciréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. lucen lucieron lucían lucirían lucirán
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