1. (noise, bang, explosion) 
a. fuerte 
2. (voice, music, radio) 
a. alto(a) 
3. (pejorative) 
a. escandaloso(a) (person) 
to be loud in one's praise/condemnation of somethingelogiar/condenar algo rotundamente
4. (color, clothes) 
a. chillón(ona) 
5. (general) 
a. alto 
to think out loudpensar en alto
louder!¡más alto!
loud and clearalto y claro
loud [laʊd] louder (comparative)loudest (superlative)
1 (noisy) [+music] alto; fuerte
The disco music was a little too loud Loud music blasts from his hi-fi
[+applause, noise, explosion, scream] fuerte
she has a loud voice tiene una voz muy fuerte; in a loud voice en voz alta
he said it in a loud voice so that we could all hear
the music is too loud la música está demasiado fuerte or alta
the reponse was loud laughter
he's a bit loud es un poco escandaloso
he can be a bit loud sometimes, but really he's very nice
to be loud in one's support for sth dar grandes muestras de apoyo a algo
to be loud in one's condemnation of sth condenar algo enérgicamente
Jerry had been loud in his condemnation of totalitarianism in El Salvador
2 (garish) [+colour] chillón; llamativo; [+pattern, clothes] llamativo
a loud check jacket una llamativa chaqueta de cuadros
[+speak] alto; [+laugh, shout] fuerte
you'll have to speak louder tendrás que hablar más fuerte or alto; she likes to listen to her music loud le gusta escuchar la música muy fuerte or alta; "Nevermind" is one of those records you play loud "Nevermind" es uno de esos discos que tienes que poner a todo volumen
loud and clear
I am reading or receiving you loud and clear (Telec) te recibo perfectamente; I hear you loud and clear, but I don't agree te entiendo perfectamente, pero no estoy de acuerdo
out loud [+think, wonder, read, laugh] en voz alta
he thought the film was terrible, but he didn't say so out loud she thought his tie was ghastly, but what she said out loud was "I prefer the blue one" to laugh [out] loud He laughed out loud about it when he was alone in his room Cortez nearly laughed out loud at the thought "Isn't there anywhere to have a drink in town?" he wondered out loud the teacher asked her to read the poem out loud
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