1. (sorteo) 
a. lottery 
jugar a la loteríato play the lottery
le tocó la loteríashe won the lottery
2. (también irónico) 
con esa novia que tiene le ha tocado la loteríahe's really hit the jackpot with that girlfriend of his
es una loteríait's a lottery
Lotería Nacionalstate-run lottery in which prizes are allocated to randomly chosen five-figure numbers
lotería primitivaweekly state-run lottery ≃ National Lottery
3. (juego de mesa) 
a. lotto 
jugar a la lotería to play the lottery
le cayó o le tocó la lotería se sacó la lotería (Latinoamérica) (ganar) he won the big prize in the lottery; he struck lucky
Lotería Nacional National Lottery
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lotería primitiva weekly state-run lottery
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There are two state-run lotteries in Spain: the Lotería Primitiva and the Lotería Nacional, with money raised going directly to the government. The Primitiva, which is weekly, is similar to the British National Lottery in that players choose six numbers, including a bonus number (complementario), out of a total of 49. There are also several other similar draws each week, for which players can buy a multiple-draw ticket called a bono-loto. The Lotería Nacional works differently: people buy numbered tickets, which, if their number comes up, will entitle them to a share in the prize money with others who have the same numbered ticket. Whole numbers are quite costly, so people tend to buy either décimos or smaller participaciones. Several dozen prizes are won in each of the ordinary weekly draws, sorteos ordinarios. Every year there are also a number of sorteos extraordinarios, the most famous being the Christmas draw, or sorteo de Navidad, and the sorteo del Niño at the Epiphany.
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