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1. perdido(a)
  • to be lost estar perdido(a)
  • to seem or look lost tener un aire perdido(a) (confused)
  • to give something/somebody up for lost dar algo/a alguien por perdido(a)
  • lost cause causa (f) perdida
  • lost and found objetos mpl perdidos (Estados Unidos)
  • lost and found office oficina (f) de objetos perdidos (Estados Unidos)
  • lost property objetos mpl perdidos
  • lost property office oficina (f) de objetos perdidos (británico)
psicología & participio passado of lose
lost [lɒst]
intransitive verb
1 (unable to find one's way) perdido
I'm lost me he perdido; estoy perdido; the lost child was taken to the security desk llevaron al niño perdido al mostrador de seguridad
to get lost [+person] perderse; [+issue, fact] olvidarse
to tell sb to get lost mandar a algn al cuerno or a la porra (very_informal)
She told him to get lost and he drove away
get lost! ¡vete al cuerno! (very_informal); ¡vete a la porra! (very_informal)
You're always staring at me! Get lost!
to be lost for words no tener palabras; no saber qué decir
I had thought of so many things I wanted to say, but now I'm lost for words había tantas cosas que quería decir, pero ahora no tengo palabras; I was lost for words when I heard the news me quedé mudo cuando me enteré de la noticia
2 (missing, mislaid) [+thing, animal] perdido; extraviado
he was looking for a lost contact lens buscaba una lentilla que se le había perdido
to get lost perderse; extraviarse
to give sb up for lost dar a algn por desaparecido
to give sth up for lost dar algo por perdido
thousands of credit cards are reported lost each day cada día se denuncia la pérdida de miles de tarjetas de crédito
she is lost to us forever la hemos perdido para siempre
3 (bewildered) perdido; desorientado
I felt lost and lonely in a strange town me sentía perdido or desorientado y solo en una ciudad desconocida; it's too difficult to understand, I'm lost es demasiado difícil de entender, estoy perdido; with a lost expression/look con la confusión pintada en el rostro
4 (completely absorbed)
to be lost in sth estar absorto en algo
I was lost in thought estaba absorto en mis pensamientos
He stared straight ahead, appearing to be lost in thought
she was lost in the music estaba absorta en la música
to be lost to the world estar en otro mundo
5 (wasted) [+opportunity, income, output] perdido
to catch up on or make up for lost time recuperar el tiempo perdido
We drove three hours in the middle of the night to catch up on lost time
to be lost on sb
the message is often lost on drug users el mensaje a menudo no hace eco en los drogadictos; the meaning of that was lost on me no entendí or no capté el significado de eso; an irony/a fact which was not lost on me una ironía/un hecho que no se me escapaba
The central irony of the story, not lost on Fleet Street, was that Mellor was the man who had threatened the tabloid press with a privacy law This was a neighborhood where you could be murdered for a pack of cigarettes,/ a fact that was not lost on me/
6 (former) [+youth, job, homeland] perdido
he pined for his lost youth suspiraba por su juventud perdida
7 (vanished) [+civilization] desaparecido; [+skill, art] desaparecido; perdido
8 (not won) [+battle, campaign, struggle] perdido
all is not lost! ¡no se ha perdido todo!
9 (dead)
she grieved for her lost son lloraba al hijo que había perdido; we are all lost! ¡estamos perdidos!; to be lost at sea desaparecer en el mar
His father was lost at sea during the war
lost woman mujer (f) perdida
in the 19th century she founded a hostel for lost women
lost and found (n) (US)
lost property See culture box in entry lost.
lost cause (n) causa (f) perdida
It is essential for your future wellbeing to become more hard-nosed, instead of devoting time to lost causes and underdogs
the lost generation (n) generación de escritores a la que pertenecieron autores como Scott Fitzgerald y Hemingway y que produjeron sus obras después de la Primera Guerra Mundial
lost property (n) (belongings) objetos (m) perdidos
Lost property should be handed to the bus driver
(office) oficina (f) de objetos perdidos
lost property office
lost property office (n) oficina (f) de objetos perdidos
We took the wallet to the lost-property office
lost sheep (n) oveja (f) perdida; oveja (f) descarriada
I really started to be convinced that there were a lot of lost sheep out there who didn't realize they were agents of Satan
lost soul (n) alma (f) perdida
The idea that deep down the average skinhead is a lost soul longing to conform is popular among social workers They didn't say anything. They just clung to each other, like two lost souls.
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