1. (deprivation of something) 
Mary began to learn sign language after suffering from a loss of hearing.Mary empezó a aprender la lengua de señas después de sufrir la pérdida de la audición.
2. (financial) 
The tourism office reported heavy losses the year after the hurricane.La oficina de turismo reportó pérdidas fuertes el año después del huracán.
3. (defeat) 
Real Madrid's loss to FC Barcelona provoked riots in the stands.La derrota del Real Madrid frente al Barcelona provocó un motín en la tribuna.
4. (death) 
She was inconsolable after the loss of her beloved rabbit. Estaba inconsolable después de la pérdida de su querido conejo.
5. (insurance) 
The car was declared a total loss after crashing into a train.El carro fue declarado una pérdida total después de chocar con un tren.
plural noun
6. (amount lost) 
a. las bajas (F) (military) 
The losses suffered during the invasion of Normandy are in the hundreds of thousands. Las bajas sufridas durante la invasión de Normandía llegan a los cientos de miles.
1. (in general) 
a. la pérdida (F) 
there was great loss of lifehubo muchas víctimas mortales
to suffer heavy lossessufrir muchas bajas (mortales)
it's no great lossno es una gran pérdida
without loss of facesin perder la dignidad
to be at a loss to explain…no saber cómo explicar…
she's never at a loss for an answersiempre sabe qué contestar
2. (financial) 
a. no direct translation 
lossespérdidas fpl
to make a losstener pérdidas
to sell at a lossvender con pérdidas
to cut one's lossesreducir pérdidas
loss leaderreclamo de ventas
loss [lɒs]
1 [of possessions, blood, sight] pérdida (f)
the factory closed with the loss of 300 jobs la fábrica cerró, con la pérdida de 300 puestos de trabajo; it's your loss el que sales perdiendo eres tú
Conservative losses in the North the loss of Ypres was inconceivable to the British
loss of appetite pérdida (f) del apetito
loss of [blood] loss of [earnings]
his death was a great loss to the company su muerte fue una gran pérdida para la empresa
he's no great loss no vamos a perder nada con su marcha
loss of [hearing]/[sight]
the army suffered heavy losses el ejército sufrió pérdidas cuantiosas
we want to prevent further loss of life queremos evitar que se produzcan más muertes or que se pierdan más vidas
their aim was to cause the maximum inconvenience without loss of life ...a terrible loss of human life.. there was great loss of life
loss of memory amnesia (f); pérdida (f) de la memoria
there has been a loss of interest in this type of film talk to others about your feelings of loss and grief
to feel a sense of loss sentir un vacío
I cannot describe the sense of loss I felt when I saw what was left of the house. Half my memories were inside that house the only people who really understand what I'm going through are others who've undergone miscarriages; they can share their sense of loss with you
2 (Economics) (Comm) pérdida (f)
losses amounting to £2 million the company said it will stop producing fertilizer in 1990 because of continued losses
at a loss
the factory was operating at a loss la fábrica estaba funcionando con pérdida de capital; to sell sth at a loss vender algo con pérdida
timber owners have often produced lumber at a loss and survived these down cycles in demand they may have to sell the securities, even at a loss we sold the house at a loss they took it off the market when it started selling at a loss some suppliers were selling at a loss to shift stock
the company made a loss in 1999 la empresa tuvo un balance adverso en 1999
the company made a loss of £2 million la empresa sufrió pérdidas de 2 millones de libras
the company [makes] a loss on this product
to cut one's losses cortar por lo sano
directors are right to cut their losses, admit they chose the wrong man and make a change he's a dead loss this car's a dead loss
3 (death) pérdida (f); muerte (f)
our sadness at the loss of a loved one nuestra tristeza por la pérdida or muerte de un ser querido; since the loss of his wife desde que perdió a su mujer; desde que falleció su mujer
they took the time to talk about the loss of Thomas and how their grief was affecting them the loss of his mother
to be at a loss
they are at a loss to explain how such a mistake could have been made no se explican cómo se pudo haber cometido semejante error; to be at a loss for words no encontrar palabras con qué expresarse; he's never at a loss for words tiene mucha facilidad de palabra; I was at a loss (as to) what to do next no sabía qué hacer después
we are at a loss to know why he did it the government is at a loss to know how to tackle the violence
loss adjuster (n) (Insurance) ajustadoraajustadora (m) (f) de pérdidas;a ajustadora tasadoratasadora (m) (f) de pérdidas;a tasadora
when it comes to making a claim, there is often some suspicious cross-questioning from the loss adjuster they are working with loss adjusters who liaise between the claimants and insurance firms
loss leader (n) (Comm) artículo (m) de lanzamiento
a business can get away with a few loss leaders, items sold at or below cost to attract shoppers many stores sell greeting cards and can use them as loss leaders for their other lines of merchandise


definite article
1. (plural) 
a. the 
Todos los asientos estaban ocupados.All the seats were taken.
2. (plural) 
a. them 
Escoja los plátanos que quiera y póngalos en una caja.Pick the bananas you prefer, and put them in a box.
b. you 
Damas y caballeros, un guía los acompañará hasta la entrada.Ladies and gentlemen, a guide will walk you to the entrance.
loslas las
los chicos juegan en el parque the kids are playing in the park; las sillas que compramos the chairs we bought; mis libros y los de usted my books and yours; las de Juan son verdes John's are green; una inocentada de las de niño pequeño a practical joke typical of a small child
loslas las
personal pronoun
(refiriéndose a ellos, ellas) them; (refiriéndose a ustedes) you
les dije a los niños que los subiría al parque I told the children that I would take them to the park; no te los lleves, que aún no los he leído don't take them away, I haven't read them yet; señoras, yo las guiaré hasta la salida ladies, I'll show you the way out; ¿los hay? are there any?; los hay y muy buenos there are some and very good they are too
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