pantalones cortos

Usage note
The plural "pantalones cortos" and the singular "pantalón corto" can be used interchangeably in Spanish to refer to a single pair of pants.
pantalones cortos
plural noun
1. (clothing) 
a. shorts 
La gente de aquí no suele llevar pantalones cortos, ni siquiera en verano.The people here don't tend to wear shorts, even in summer.
b. short pants (old-fashioned) (United States) 
Los mosquitos te comerán las piernas si tienes puestos pantalones cortos.The mosquitoes will eat your legs to bits if you wear short pants.
c. short trousers (United Kingdom) 
Se ve mal entrar en la iglesia con pantalones cortos.It's frowned upon to go into the church wearing short trousers.
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