Loop in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. bucle (m)
transitive verb
2. enrollar (string)
  • to loop something around something enrollar algo alrededor de algo
  • to loop the loop (aviación) rizar el rizo
loop [luːp]
1 (in string, ribbon) lazo (m); lazada (f); (Náut) gaza (f); (bend) curva (f); recodo (m)
to knock sb for a loop (US) dejar a algn pasmado
2 (Comput) bucle (m)
3 (Electricity and Electronics) circuito (m) cerrado
4 (informed group)
to be in the loop estar en el grupo de gente informada; to be out of the loop estar fuera del grupo de gente informada
5 (Cos) presilla (f)
6 (Aer) rizo (m)
to loop the loop hacer el rizo; rizar el rizo
transitive verb
to loop round dar vuelta a; to loop a rope round a post pasar una cuerda alrededor de un poste
intransitive verb
[+rope, ribbon, cable] formar un lazo; [+line, road] serpentear;
loop line (n) (Ferro) desviación (f)
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