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1. (act of looking)
  • to have or take a look at something mirar algo
  • to have a look for something buscar algo
  • let me have a look déjame ver
  • to have a look round the town (ir a) ver la ciudad
  • to have a look through some magazines ojear unas revistas
2. mirada (f) (glance)
  • a suspicious/angry look una mirada recelosa/de enfado or (especialmente español de España) enojo (especialmente Am)
  • we got some very odd looks nos miraron con cara rara
  • if looks could kill… si las miradas mataran…
3. aspecto (m) (appearance)
  • I don't like the look of this at all! (sentido figurado) no me gusta nada el cariz or la pinta que tiene esto
  • I don't like the look of him (sentido figurado) me da mala espina
  • I don't like the look of those clouds no me gusta la pinta de esas nubes
  • by the look of it por lo que parece
4. (personal appearance)
  • (good) looks atractivo (m) , guapura (f)
  • looks don't matter la belleza no es lo principal
transitive verb
  • I can never look him in the face again nunca podré volver a mirarlo a la cara
  • to look somebody up and down mirar a alguien de arriba abajo
  • look what you've done! ¡mira lo que has hecho!
  • look where you're going! ¡mira por dónde vas!
intransitive verb
5. mirar (in general) , ver (Am)
  • to look at something/somebody mirar algo/a alguien
  • he's not much to look at no es gran cosa, es del montón
  • to look the other way (sentido figurado) hacer la vista gorda
  • I'm just looking, thank you sólo estoy mirando (in shop)
  • to look on the bright side mirar el lado bueno (de las cosas)
  • to look to the future mirar al futuro
  • look here! ¡mire usted!
  • (now) look! ¡mira!
  • I don't look at it that way yo no lo miro de esa manera
  • look before you leap (Prov) hay que pensar las cosas dos veces (antes de hacerlas)
6. (search)
  • to look for something/somebody buscar algo/a alguien
  • we've looked everywhere hemos buscado or mirado or nos hemos fijado por todas partes (RP)
7. parecer (seem, appear)
  • to look old/ill parecer viejo/enfermo
  • she looks tired parece cansada
  • things are looking good/bad las cosas van bien/mal
  • he doesn't look his age no aparenta la edad que tiene
  • to look the part dar la talla
  • what does she look like? ¿cómo es?, ¿qué aspecto tiene?
  • to look like somebody parecerse a alguien
  • it looks like or as if… parece que or como si…
  • it looks like rain parece que va a llover
  • you look as if you've slept badly tienes aspecto de haber dormido mal
look [lʊk]
1 (glance) mirada (f); vistazo (m)
to have a look at sth echar un vistazo a algo
let me have a look déjame ver; have a look at this! ¡mira esto!; ¡échale un vistazo a esto!; shall we have a look round the town? ¿damos una vuelta por la ciudad?; to have a look round a house inspeccionar una casa
to take a look at sth echar un vistazo a algo
to take another a second look at sth Harry took another look at his watch
take a look at this! ¡míra esto!; ¡échale un vistazo a esto!; to take a good look at sth mirar algo detenidamente; to take a long hard look at o.s. examinarse a sí mismo detenidamente
before you start blaming other people you ought to take a long hard look at yourself after being out of work for a year Jimmy took a long hard look at himself and tried to analyse his failure to get employment she took a long hard look at herself and decided to be more positive about herself Assessing yourself means taking a long, hard look at yourself and seeing in what areas you have been affected ...a campaign that forced the FDA to take a long, hard look at itself, to confront its faults and to do something about them
take a long hard look before deciding antes de decidir conviene pensar muchísimo
do you want a look? ¿quieres verlo?
2 (expression) mirada (f)
an inquiring look with a nasty look in his eye she had an amused look on her face
she gave me a dirty look me echó una mirada de odio; he gave me a furious look me miró furioso; me lanzó una mirada furiosa; a look of despair una cara de desesperación; we got some very odd looks la gente nos miró extrañada; if looks could kill*... si las miradas mataran ...
I told her what I thought and, if looks could kill, I'd be dead Melanie scowled at me. If looks could kill, I'd have been struck dead on the spot
3 (search)
to have a look for sth buscar algo; I've had a good look for it already lo he buscado ya en todas partes; have another look! ¡vuelve a buscar!
4 (air, appearance) aire (m); aspecto (m); pinta (informal) (f)
there's a mischievous look about that child ese niño tiene pinta de pillo (informal); he had a sad look tenía un aspecto or aire triste; he had the look of a sailor tenía aire de marinero
by the look(s) of it or things a juzgar por las apariencias
by the look(s) of him ... viéndole, se diría que ...
you can't go by looks alone es arriesgado juzgar por las apariencias nada más
to like the look of sb/sth
We were only there for a few hours but I liked the look of the place He showed me a photo of his sister and I liked the look of her immediately
I don't like the look of him me cae mal; no me fío de él; I don't like the look of it no me gusta nada
5 looks (attractiveness)
looks aren't everything la belleza no lo es todo
good looks belleza (f)
she has kept her looks sigue tan guapa como siempre
she's losing her looks no es tan guapa como antes
6 (fashion) moda (f); estilo (m)
the 1999 look la moda de 1999
the new look la nueva moda
I need a new look quiero cambiar de imagen
intransitive verb
1 (see, glance) mirar
look! ¡mira!
Look! An eagle!
look here! ¡oye!; just look! ¡mira!; ¡fíjate!; I'll look and see voy a ver; look how she does it fíjate cómo lo hace; look who's here! ¡mira quién está aquí!
look what a mess you've made!
to look into sb's eyes mirarle a los ojos a algn
He took her in his arms and looked deep into her eyes
to look the other way mirar para el otro lado; hacer como que no se da cuenta
to be looking over sb's shoulder estar siempre vigilando a algn
I want to make decisions without my father looking over my shoulder the whole time and judging me to look over one's shoulder Do you intend spending the rest of your life looking over your shoulder, never knowing when your old friends will decide you're an embarrassment they would rather do without? he spends the whole time looking over his shoulder, in case he's spotted by somebody he grassed on
to look down one's nose at sth/sb menospreciar algo/a algn
She looks down her nose at romantic novels
look before you leap mira bien lo que haces
2 (search)
look again! ¡vuelve a buscar!; you can't have looked far no has mirado mucho; you should have looked more carefully tendrías que haber mirado mejor
3 (seem, appear) parecer; verse; (LAm)
he looks about 60 (years old) aparenta tener alrededor de los 60 años
to look one's age aparentar or representar su edad
she doesn't look her age no aparenta or representa la edad que tiene
it looks all right to me me parece que está bien
it will look bad quedará mal
he wanted to look his best for the interview quería estar lo mejor (arreglado) posible para la entrevista
I don't look my best first thing in the morning cuando me levanto por la mañana no estoy muy guapa que digamos
he just does it to look big lo hace solo para impresionar
He tells all kinds of lies about his past, just so as to make himself look big
they made me look a fool me hicieron quedar como un idiota
they made me look foolish me hicieron quedar en ridículo
he looks good in a uniform está muy guapo en uniforme
Manchester United are looking good for the championship el Manchester United tiene muchas posibilidades de ganar el campeonato; it looks good on you te sienta bien
he looks happy parece contento
she wasn't looking herself parecía otra; no parecía la misma
how does it look to you? ¿qué te parece?
how do I look? ¿cómo estoy?
she's 70 but doesn't look it tiene 70 años pero no los aparenta or representa
look lively! ¡muévete! (informal)
that cake looks nice ese pastel tiene buena pinta (informal)
that hairstyle makes her look old ese peinado la hace parece mayor
to look the part parecerlo
Haydar was a crook. Today in his immense suit he looked the part My uncle was a professional boxer. He looked the part too, with his broken nose and cauliflower ear
she looked prettier than ever estaba más guapa que nunca
how pretty you look! ¡qué guapa estás!
it looks promising parece prometedor
to make sb look small rebajar a algn
He does everything he can to make me look small in front of my friends
he looked surprised hizo un gesto de extrañeza
he looks tired parece cansado
to look well [+person] tener buena cara
it looks well parece muy bien; tiene buena apariencia
to look like
(be in appearance)
what does she look like? ¿cómo es físicamente?
you can see what the house used to look like
to look like sb (resemble) parecerse a algn; he looks like his brother se parece a su hermano; this photo doesn't look like him la foto no se le parece; en esta foto no parece él
it looks like cheese to me a mí me parece (que es) queso; the festival looks like being lively la fiesta se anuncia animada; it looks like rain parece que va a llover
the rain doesn't look like stopping
it certainly looks like it parece que sí
to look as if or as though: it looks as if or as though the train will be late parece que el tren va a llegar tarde
try to look as if or as though you're glad to see me haz como que te alegras de verme; it doesn't look as if or as though he's coming parece que no va a venir
6 (face)
it looks south [+house] mira hacia el sur; está orientada hacia el sur
7 (seek)
they are looking to make a profit quieren sacar ganancias
I was looking to unload the watches at whatever price I could get for them
transitive verb
1 (look at) mirar
to look sb (straight) in the eye(s) or in the face mirar directamente a los ojos de algn; I would never be able to look her in the eye(s) or face again no podría resistir su mirada, siempre me avergonzaría al verla; to look sb up and down mirar a algn de arriba abajo
2 (pay attention to)
look what you've done now! ¡mira lo que has hecho!
look where you're going! ¡fíjate por donde vas!
Omission of article
Don't translate the article "a" in sentences like I'm looking for a flat, when the number of such things is not significant since people normally only look for one at a time:
I'm looking for a flat Estoy buscando piso
He's looking for a secretary Busca secretaria
The personal a is not used before people when the article is omitted as above.
Do translate the article when the thing or person is qualified:
He's looking for a little flat Busca un piso pequeño
When translating examples like I'm looking for someone to ... translate the English to-infinitive using que + subjunctive:
I'm looking for someone to help with the children Busco a alguien que me ayude con los niños
I'm looking for a mechanic to repair my car Busco a un mecánico que me arregle el coche
Verb Conjugations for mirar
Gerund: mirando
Participle: mirado
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