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1. tronco (m) (tree-trunk); leño (m) (firewood)
  • to sleep like a log dormir como un tronco
  • log cabin cabaña (f)
  • log fire fuego (m) de leña
2. registro (m) (record); diario (m) de a bordo (of ship, traveler)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp logged)
3. registrar (record)
log [lɒɡ]
1 [of wood] tronco (m); leño (m)
transitive verb
1 (Náut) (Aer) anotar; apuntar
2 (Aut) (also log up) [+distance] recorrer
we logged 50 kilometres that day ese día recorrimos or cubrimos 50 kilómetros
intransitive verb
cortar (y transportar) troncos
log cabin (n) cabaña (f) de troncos or de madera
log fire (n) fuego (m) de leña
log [lɒɡ]
(Mat) logarithm logaritmo (m)
log tables (n) tablas (f) de logaritmos
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