1. (person) 
the localslos lugareños, los paisanos
2. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. el bar habitual (M) (pub) 
3. (general) 
a. local 
local anesomethingeticanestesia local
local education authorityorganismo local encargado de la enseñanza
local governmentgobierno or administración municipal
local newspaperperiódico local
local [ˈləʊkəl]
1 (in or of the area) [+custom, newspaper, radio] local; [+school, shop, doctor] del barrio
...a teacher at the local school ...a trip to the local video hire shop ...the local branch of the Labour Party The local TSB branch closed down She was the candidate nominated by the local party Chung has tried to adapt to local customs, but she still finds Britain an odd country If you put your hand in the soil of the island, the local saying has it, you will grow a sixth finger
[+bus, train] urbano
You have to catch a Midland red bus to Kenilworth and then the local bus ...local trains in such cities as Birmingham and Glasgow
[+news, weather forecast] regional
I keep an eye on the local weather forecast and bring the plants in if there's going to be a frost ...a short item that was on the local news
the local community el vecindario; el barrio; (wider) la zona; el área
members are drawn from all sections of the local community
local currency moneda (f) local; moneda (f) del país
I had about 100 in dollars with a similar amount in local currency
to be of local interest ser de interés local
Normally elections for the city mayor would be of only local interest
he's a local man es de aquí
Local people know how severe the weather is here in the mountains
local residents have complained to the council los residentes del barrio or de la zona se han quejado al ayuntamiento
...a demonstration by local residents against the cutting down of trees
local train services have been cut han reducido los servicios locales de tren
Local bus services could be timetabled to coincide with rail services ...travel information for local bus and train services
whatever you do, don't drink the local wine hagas lo que hagas no bebas el vino del lugar
2 (municipal) [+administration, taxes, elections] municipal
...a continuing growth in state and local taxes
at (the) local level a nivel municipal or local
...the administration of housing at local level
3 (Med) [+pain] localizado
1 (local resident)
the locals los vecinos; (wider) la gente de la zona
the locals view these road improvements with alarm
he's a local es de aquí
2 (Britain) (pub) bar de la zona donde alguien vive
Why don't we go to my local?
3 (Med) (local anaesthetic) anestesia (f) local
when she went for her operation they just gave her a local
4 (US) (Ferro) tren, autobús etc que hace parada en todas las estaciones
local anaesthetic local anesthetic (US) (n) anestesia (f) local
Will I be given a general or a local anaesthetic?
under local anaesthetic bajo anestesia local
They do it all under local anaesthetic
local authority (n) (Britain) (New Zealand) gobierno (m) local; [of city, town] ayuntamiento (m)
The Tories took control of the local authority in the mid-1980s
local call (n) (Telec) llamada (f) local
For local calls, dial the number only
local colour local color (US) (n) especially (Literat) (Cine) ambiente (m) local; ambiente (m) del lugar
Only here, away from the main tourist areas, do you get any feeling of local colour It all gives local colour to the book
local council (n) ayuntamiento (m); municipio (m)
Some local councils give grants to parents with low incomes
local education authority (n) secretaría (f) municipal de educación
local government (n) (Britain) administración (f) municipal
local government elections (n) elecciones (f) municipales
local government expenditure (n) gastos (m) municipales
Local government expenditure has come down by some ten per cent
local time (n) hora (f) local
The plane arrives in London at 17.50 local time
1. (from a specific area) 
a. local 
La gastronomía local de esta región se basa sobre todo en verduras y pescado.The local cuisine from this region relies mostly on vegetables and fish.
masculine noun
2. (business) 
a. premises 
Después de que lo hayan despedido, los encargados de seguridad lo condujeron del local.After he was fired, security escorted him from the premises.
1. (general) 
a. local 
el equipo localthe home team
2. (establecimiento) 
a. (business) premises 
local comercialbusiness premises
local de ensayorehearsal space
local nocturnonight spot
[+cultura, producción] local
equipo local home team
1 [de negocio] premises
; (p)
en el local on the premises
local comercial (gen) business premises
; (p)
(sin ocupar) shop unit
2 (lugar) place
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