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(pl loaves [ləʊvz])
1. pan (m)
  • a loaf of bread un pan; (in general) un pan de molde(brick-shaped), un pan tajado (español de Colombia), un pan lactal; (RP) una hogaza de pan (round and flat)
  • use your loaf! (sentido figurado) ¡utiliza la mollera! (británico)
loaf [ləʊf]
loaves (plural)
1 [of bread] (unsliced) pan (m) de molde; (sliced) pan (m) de molde (en rebanadas); (French bread) barra (f)
use your loaf! (Britain) ¡espabílate!
half a loaf is better than no bread menos da una piedra, peor es nada
note See culture box in entry rhyming.
2 [of sugar] pan (m); pilón (m)
loaf sugar (n) pan (m) de azúcar
loaf tin (n) bandeja (f) de horno
loaf [ləʊf]
intransitive verb
(also loaf about) (also loaf around) holgazanear; flojear; (LAm)
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