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lo hice

lo hice
1. (I completed it) 
a. I did it 
No era un examen difícil. Lo hice en menos de una hora.It wasn't a difficult test. I did it in less than an hour.
2. (I produced or made it) 
a. I made it 
¿No quieres probar este delicioso plato de pasta? Lo hice yo mismo.Don't you want to try this delicious pasta dish? I made it myself.
3. (used to replace a verb) 
a. I did it 
Acepté el trabajo solo para que tú pudieras dedicarte por entero a tu novela. Lo hice por ti.I accepted the job just so you could devote yourself entirely to your novel. I did it for you.
Phrases with "lo%20hice"
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yo hice
I did
ya lo hice
I already did it
no hice nada
I didn't do anything, I did nothing
no lo hice
I didn't do it
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