lo pasaron mal

lo pasaron mal
1. (experienced difficulty or distress; third person plural) 
Lo pasaron mal cuando murió su padre y se quedaron sin ingresos.They had a hard time of it when their father died and they were left with no income.
2. (experienced difficulty or distress; second person plural) 
Sé que lo pasaron mal, pero eso quedó atrás y ahora deben centrarse en el futuro.I know you had a hard time of it, but that's all left behind and you should now focus on the future.
3. (were bored; third person plural) 
Mis hijos dijeron que lo pasaron mal en el circo, que los leones no parecían de verdad.My children said they didn't enjoy themselves at the circus, that the lions didn't look real.
Si lo pasaron tan mal en la discoteca, no me extraña que no quieran volver.If they had such a bad time in the club, I'm not surprised they don't want to go back.
4. (were bored; second person plural) 
Lo pasaron mal en el campo porque antes de ir ya estaban convencidos de que iba a ser así.You didn't enjoy yourselves in the country because even before going you were certain that was going to be the case.
No me digan que lo pasaron mal, si yo les vi que reírse a carcajadas con los chistes de Juan.Don't tell me you had a bad time when I saw you roaring with laughter at Juan's jokes.
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