Llano in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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llano, -a
1. flat (campo, superficie)
2. natural, straightforward (trato, persona)
3. ordinary (pueblo, clase)
4. simple, plain (lenguaje, expresión)
5. stressed on the last syllable (grammar)
masculine noun
6. plain (llanura)
  • los Llanos = name of vast region of tropical plains, mainly in Venezuela and Colombia (Colombian Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish)
1 [+superficie, terreno] (sin desniveles) flat; (no inclinado) level
2 (sencillo) [+persona, trato] straightforward; [+estilo, lenguaje] simple
en lenguaje llano in plain language o terms
palabra llana word with the stress on the penultimate syllable
Los Llanos (Ven) (Geografía) Venezuelan Plains
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