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1. vida (f) (way of life)
  • to be fond of good living ser aficionado a la buena vida
  • living conditions condiciones (f pl) de vida
  • living expenses gastos mpl
  • living room (cotidianos) sala (f) de estar, salón (m)
2. sustento (m) (livelihood)
  • to earn one's living ganarse la vida
  • what does he do for a living? ¿a qué se dedica?
3. vivo(a)
  • she is our finest living artist es nuestra mejor artista viva
  • there is not a living soul to be seen no se ve ni un alma
  • the best/worst within living memory lo mejor/peor que se recuerda
  • to scare the living daylights out of somebody (familiar) dar un susto de muerte a alguien
  • to beat the living daylights out of somebody (familiar) dar una buena paliza or tunda a alguien (español de España)
  • living will testamento (m) en vida
living [ˈlɪvɪŋ]
1 (alive) [+person, creature, plant] vivo
I have no living relatives no tengo ningún pariente vivo; Ireland's greatest living playwright el mejor dramaturgo irlandés vivo or aún con vida
Joe Namath, the greatest living American footballer
a living death un infierno
living faith fe (f) viva
Betrayal belongs to trust just as doubt belongs to a living faith organisms such as bacteria ...the oldest living tree in documented history
he's the living image of his uncle es el retrato vivo or la imagen viva de su tío
living language lengua (f) viva
the worst drought in or within living memory la peor sequía que se recuerda
the San Francisco earthquake is still within living memory el terremoto de San Francisco tuvo lugar en nuestro tiempo
living proof prueba (f) evidente or palpable
he is living proof of the problems now facing the education system
I didn't see a living soul no vi a un alma
I promised I wouldn't tell a living soul prometí que no se lo diría a nadie
His three-year-old sister rarely saw a living soul outside her own family There wasn't a living soul, there wasn't anything, not even a little bird why are the majority of living things symmetrical?
there wasn't a living thing to be seen no se veía a ningún ser vivo
2 (for living in) [+area] destinado a la vivienda
...the wall dividing the hall and living areas
our living accommodation was pretty basic el lugar donde vivíamos era bastante modesto
1 (livelihood)
to earn a living ganarse la vida
what do you do for a living? ¿cómo te ganas la vida?; ¿en qué trabajas?
now he has to work for a living ahora tiene que trabajar para ganarse la vida
to make a living ganarse la vida
It is possible to make a very good living from modelling...
he thinks the world owes him a living piensa que tiene derecho a que se lo den todo regalado
2 (way of life) vida (f)
the quality of urban living la calidad de la vida en la ciudad
clean living vida (f) ordenada
loose living vida (f) disipada; vida (f) disoluta
the living los vivos
There'll be plenty of money for the living, and a decent burial for the dead.
living area (n) zona (f) destinada a la vivienda
living conditions (n) condiciones (f) de vida
The Merchant Shipping Bill which sought to improve living conditions at sea
living expenses (n) gastos (m) de mantenimiento
I was offered an attractive fee, plus living expenses in New York, to write an article about
living quarters (n) (for students) residencia (f); (for soldiers, servants, staff) dependencias (f)
I'll show you to the living quarters
living room (n) sala (f) de estar; living (m)
living space (n) espacio (m) vital; also
living standards (n) nivel (m) de vida
a fall in living standards un descenso del nivel de vida
...the demand for better living standards
living wage (n) salario de subsistencia
a living wage It's impossible to employ so many people and go on paying them a living wage
£20 a week isn't a living wage con 20 libras a la semana no se puede vivir
They were asking for a living wage
living will (n) declaración (f) de últimas voluntades por la que el declarante se niega a que su vida sea prolongada por medios artificiales en caso de encontrarse enfermo en fase terminal; (por la que el declarante se niega a que su vida sea prolongada por medios artificiales en caso de encontrarse enfermo en fase terminal)
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