1. (cheerful) 
a. animado 
The event was very lively. We had a great time!El evento estuvo muy animado. ¡Pasamos un gran rato!
b. vivaz 
My son is a lively boy.Mi hijo es un chico muy vivaz.
2. (intense) 
a. animado 
The panelists engaged in a lively debate about climate change.Los invitados entablaron un animado debate sobre el cambio climático.
3. (very close to reality) 
a. vívido 
She gave a lively description of the situation in that town.Dio una vívida descripción de la situación en ese pueblo.
1. (person, place, debate) 
a. animado(a) 
2. (interest) 
a. vivo(a) 
a lively minduna mente despierta
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to make things lively for somebodyponer las cosas difíciles a alguien
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
look lively!¡vamos, muévete!
lively [ˈlaɪvlɪ]
livelier (comparative)liveliest (superlative)
1 (gen) [+person, personality] vivaz; alegre; [+atmosphere, conversation, party, town] animado; [+bar, street, market] animado; bullicioso; [+dog] juguetón; [+tune] alegre; [+performance] enérgico
things are a little livelier in June la cosa se anima más en junio
2 (heated) [+debate, discussion] animado
By all accounts, there have been lively discussions at recent cabinet meetings Some of the debate is likely to be lively
the meeting promises to be a lively affair la reunión promete ser animada
Next week's annual general meeting of the Royal Bank of Scotland promises to be a lively affair
things were getting quite lively el ambiente se estaba caldeando
By the end of the meeting, things were getting quite lively
3 (fast) [+pace, speed] rápido
she made a lively start a lively start by the pacemakers had Ondieki on course for a world record to [look] lively Snelders twice had to look lively to foil McCoist and Gough
look lively! ¡espabila!
Come on, look lively!
4 (keen) [+mind] vivaz; inquieto; [+imagination] vivo
His lively imagination will be sparked off by fairy stories
[+sense of humour] agudo
He has a lively sense of humour and an infuriating wit she has a lively enquiring mind
she took a lively interest in everything ponía un gran interés en todo
5 (vivid) [+description, account, style] vivo; vívido
...a biography written in a straightforward yet lively style ...a lively account of a long-ago battle
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