live on
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to continue to exist) 
a. perdurar 
Donna's spirit lives on in her music.El espíritu de Donna perdura en su música.
Although my childhood house was blown away by a hurricane, its memory lives on in my heart.Aunque un huracán se llevó la casa de mi infancia, su recuerdo sobrevive en mi corazón.
2. (to subsist on) 
a. vivir 
They don't earn enough money to live on, so they applied for government assistance.No ganan suficiente dinero para vivir, por lo que solicitaron ayuda del gobierno.
transitive verb phrase
3. (to subsist on) 
a. vivir con 
Incredibly, most of the people in that country live on less than ten dollars per day.Increíblemente, la mayoría de la gente en ese país vive con menos de diez dólares por día.
b. vivir de 
Betty lives on her mother's pension.Betty vive de la pensión de su madre.
4. (to eat a particular food all the time) 
a. vivir de 
Jake lived on nothing but bananas for a month once.Una vez Jake vivió de nada más que plátanos durante un mes.
live on
transitive verb phrase
1. (depend on) 
a. vivir de 
it's not enough to l onno da para vivir
intransitive verb
2. (continue to live; person) 
a. sobrevivir, vivir 
3. (memory) 
a. perdurar 
live on
intransitive verb
1 (subsist on)
what does he live on? ¿de qué vive?; he lives on £50 a week vive con 50 libras por semana; we have just enough to live on tenemos lo justo para vivir
she doesn't earn enough to live on I won't live on charity people living on low incomes I'd sooner live on the dole
to live on borrowed time tener los días contados
at midnight Eastern time Saddam Hussein begins living on borrowed time if his troops don't get out of Kuwait Branch's own organization is living on borrowed time - its state funding runs out in June of this year thereafter he was always operating on borrowed time, with Truman anxious to replace him with Marshall
2 (feed on) alimentarse de
she lives on cheese vive solo a base de queso; she absolutely lives on chocolate no come otra cosa más que chocolate
I lived on garbage that I stole from trash cans at night you can't live on air
(go on living) [+person, memory, tradition] seguir vivo
his memory lives on within us su recuerdo sigue vivo en nosotros; Lenin lives on in the minds and hearts of many people Lenin sigue vivo en las mentes y corazones de muchas personas
this evil killer lives on but I'm left to visit the cemetery the cult of St Gildas still lives on in Carhaix things get said in the heat of the moment that are regretted afterwards, but /the memory of what was said lives on/ and spoils relationships the spirit of the monarchy lives on in Diana more than any of the other Royals
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