live off

live off
transitive verb phrase
1. (to take advantage of) 
Liam lives off his brother, who doesn't have the heart to cut him off.Liam vive a costa de su hermano, que no tiene valor para decirle que no.
2. (to survive off) 
This is the first year we've been able to live exclusively off the food we grow on our farm.Este es el primer año que hemos podido alimentarnos exclusivamente de la comida que hemos cultivado en nuestra granja.
b. vivir de 
I can't live off the meager salary they pay me.No puedo vivir del exiguo salario que me pagan.
live off
transitive verb phrase
1. (depend on) 
a. vivir de 
live off
intransitive verb
1 (depend financially on) vivir a costa de; (support o.s. on) vivir de
he lives off his uncle vive a costa de su tío; she lives off the income from her investments vive de las rentas de sus inversiones
they live off the sweat of our backs
2 (eat) alimentarse de
we lived off nuts and berries mountain lions live off deer and elk they live off the scraps that other people throw away we're not going to live off the crumbs from their table
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