listening looks like it is a form of the word listen and roughly translates to escuchando - View Conjugation
intransitive verb
1. (to actively hear) 
a. escuchar 
Have you listened to her sing live before? ¿La has escuchado cantar en vivo antes?
2. (to pay attention) 
a. escuchar 
He failed the exam because he never listens in class. Falló el examen porque nunca escucha en clase.
3. (act of listening) 
a. la oída (F) 
The band's new album deserves a listen.El álbum nuevo del grupo se merece una oída.
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. escuchar 
to listen to something/somebodyescuchar algo/a alguien
to listen for somethingestar pendiente or a la escucha de algo
to listen to reasonatender a razones
he wouldn't listenno hizo (ningún) caso
listen [ˈlɪsn]
intransitive verb
1 (try to hear) escuchar
listen! can't you hear something? ¡escucha! ¿no oyes algo?; I listened outside the bedroom door me quedé escuchando en la puerta del dormitorio
if you listen hard you can hear them talking in the next room they're both asleep upstairs, but you don't mind listening just in case of trouble, do you? to listen [for] sth
we listened for footsteps approaching estuvimos atentos por si oíamos venir a alguien
listen for the telephone while I'm out as I came out of the gate I did listen for traffic
2 (pay attention) escuchar
he wouldn't listen no quiso escuchar; listen, I finish at one, why don't we have lunch together? mira, yo termino a la una, ¿por qué no almorzamos juntos?
Sonia wasn't listening are you listening or can I switch off the radio?
listen (here), young lady, I've had enough of your cheek! ¡escúchame or mira jovencita, ya estoy harto de tu cara dura!
listen carefully, and repeat after me escuchen con atención y repitan
to listen to sth/sb escuchar algo/a algn
I like listening to music me gusta escuchar música; I love listening to the rain me encanta oír el sonido de la lluvia; the only person she will listen to is her father la única persona a la que escucha es a su padre; now just you listen to me! ¡escúchame!; I don't have to listen to this! ¡no tengo por qué escuchar esta bazofia!; will you listen to him! who does he think he is? ¡fíjate cómo habla! ¡quién se habrá creído que es!
you never listen to a word I say! ¡nunca escuchas nada de lo que te digo!; ¡nunca me haces caso!
listen to yourself, you're getting paranoid! ¡será posible lo que estás diciendo! ¡te estás volviendo paranoico!
her ideas are worth listening to I'll listen to what he has to say you haven't been listening to me to listen to the radio you are listening to the BBC just listen to yourself! - you're behaving like child afterwards he listened to himself conducting the symphony learn to listen to yourself - trust your intuition when I listen to myself instructing my patients about their upcoming surgical experience, I am aware of all of the negative issues
to listen with both ears aguzar el oído
when I heard my name mentioned I listened with both ears she was listening with both ears, while apparently occupied with the children
to have a listen (to sth) escuchar (algo)
come down to the studios and have a listen to this recording
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Past Participle: escuchado
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