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lips is the plural form of lip.
1. labio (m) (of mouth)
  • to read somebody's lips leer los labios a alguien
  • the government is only paying lip service to fighting crime el Gobierno dice luchar or defiende que lucha contra la delincuencia
  • lip gloss brillo (m) de labios
2. pico (m) (of jug)
3. (familiar) (impudence)
  • less of your lip! ¡no seas impertinente!
lip [lɪp]
1 (Anat) labio (m); [of cup, crater] borde (m); [of jug etc] pico (m)
to bite one's lip morderse el labio; morderse la lengua; to lick or smack one's lips relamerse; to read sb's lips leer en los labios de algn; my lips are sealed (I won't tell) soy una tumba; (I can't tell) no puedo contar nada
to pay lip service to an ideal defender un ideal de boquilla
he's just paying lip service todo lo que dice es boquilla
2 (insolence) impertinencia (f); insolencia (f)
none of your lip! ¡cállate la boca! (informal)
lip gloss (n) brillo (m) de labios
lip salve (n) (Britain) vaselina (f); cacao (m); protector (m) labial
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