1. (computing) 
a. el enlace (M) 
Click the link to unsubscribe.Haga clic en el enlace para darse de baja.
2. (part of a chain) 
I had a couple of the links removed from the necklace.Mandé quitar un par de eslabones del collar.
3. (connection) 
There is a close link between our countries.Hay una relación estrecha entre nuestros países.
The link between these two events is one of cause and effect.La conexión entre estos dos sucesos es de causa y efecto.
4. (telecommunications) 
a. el enlace (M) 
The two studios are connected via a radio link.Los dos estudios están conectados por un enlace de radio.
The phone link between the two presidents was known as the Red Phone.La conexión telefónica entre los dos presidentes se denominaba el teléfono rojo.
5. (colloquial) (cuff link) 
a. el gemelo (M) 
My father lent me his links to wear with my tuxedo.Mi padre me prestó sus gemelos para llevar con mi esmoquin.
b. la mancuerna (F) (Andes) (Central America) (Mexico) 
My wife helped me put the brass links into my shirt sleeve.Mi mujer me ayudó a ponerme las mancuernas de latón en los puños de mi camisa.
c. la mancuernilla (F) (Andes) (Central America) (Mexico) 
Where are the gold links I was given on graduation day?¿Dónde están las mancuernillas de oro que me regalaron el día de mi graduación?
transitive verb
6. (to connect) 
a. conectar 
The high-speed train links all the country's major cities.El tren de alta velocidad conecta todas las ciudades importantes del país.
b. unir 
Centuries of friendship and cooperation link our two peoples.Siglos de amistad y cooperación unen a nuestros dos pueblos.
7. (to relate) 
This event is linked to a popular TV show.Este evento está relacionado con un popular programa de televisión.
intransitive verb
8. (to become connected) 
a. enlazar 
The computer needs to link to the network.La computadora necesita enlazar con la red.
1. (of chain) 
a. el eslabón (M) 
2. (connection) 
a. el conexión f, nexo (M) 
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the weak linkel punto débil
transitive verb
4. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
she has been linked to or with the mafiaha sido asociada con la mafia
to link handsenlazar las manos
link [lɪŋk]
1 [of chain] eslabón (m)
the last link in the chain el último eslabón en la cadena
the launch is a vital link in the chain leading to the consumer The various links in the chain only knew as much as it was necessary for them to know Reynolds was a major link in our chain It is the last link in the chain
the missing link el eslabón perdido
weak link punto (m) débil
The lira took over from sterling as the weak link in the exchange-rate mechanism The weakest link in the Army was felt to be the cavalry
2 (connection) relación (f); conexión (f)
the link between smoking and lung cancer la relación or conexión entre el tabaco y el cáncer de pulmón
He talked about new technology and its link with the unemployment problem There may be a link between a human virus and a condition in horses which is marked by extreme lethargy Scientists have found a strong link between exposure to radon gas and cases of leukaemia and several other cancers there must be a link the close link between love and fear .../the causal link/ between smoking and ill health
3 (tie, association) vínculo (m); lazo (m)
So, as far as you know, he had no links with the hotel? The arts centre is probably the most obvious/ link/ between the university and the wider community
cultural links vínculos (m) or lazos (m) culturales
to have links with sth/sb tener vínculos or lazos con algo/algn
we now have closer links with overseas universities ahora tenemos vínculos or lazos más estrechos con universidades extranjeras; the district has strong links with Charles Dickens la región está muy vinculada a Charles Dickens
trade links vínculos (m) or lazos (m) comerciales
We hope to forge strong trade links between our two countries
4 (Travel) enlace (m); conexión (f)
the new road schemes include a link between Chelmsford and the M2
rail/air/road links enlaces (m) ferroviarios/aéreos/por carretera; conexiones (f) ferroviarias/aéreas/por carretera
[air] links between the two countries a new [rail] link for El Toboso ...the main road link between Europe and the Middle East All land, sea and air links are being suspended
5 (Telec) (TV) (Rad)
radio/telephone/satellite link conexión (f) radiofónica/telefónica/vía satélite
A telephone link between Washington and Moscow was established Stalin insisted that the radio link with the German Foreign Ministry should remain open
6 (Internet) enlace (m)
transitive verb
1 (join, connect) [+parts, units] unir;to a; conectar;to con; [+computers] conectar;to con
The earpiece is linked to a battery-powered unit /a vast database created by linking the Pentagon's computers with those of thousands of arms suppliers Linking personal computers to compact disc technology to generate a range of text, audio and video, forms part of multimedia
[+towns, buildings] comunicar; conectar
the Channel Tunnel links Britain and France el túnel del Canal de la Mancha comunica or conecta Gran Bretaña con Francia; el túnel del Canal de la Mancha une a Gran Bretaña y Francia
the buildings are linked by a series of underground tunnels ...the Rama Road, which links the capital, Managua, with the Caribbean coast Laila showed Newman the way to the tunnel linking the two buildings and they parted
to link arms tomarse del brazo; cogerse del brazo; (Esp)
she linked her arm through his A bunch of us linked arms and spread across the entrance to keep them out Some twenty-five-thousand people linked hands around the walls of the old city She took his [arm], /linking her hand/ through the crook of his elbow.
to be linked into a system (Comput) estar conectado a un sistema
.Minitel, the phone-computer network that everyone in France is linked into ...a terminal that they can link into our database so they can actually access drawings
to link two machines together conectar dos máquinas
A mixer - which connects into the audio line linking the two machines together - will allow you to combine sounds from two or more sources with the original soundtrack You can't really build very much bigger telescopes - the engineering problems are enormous. So what we do is we link together smaller telescopes separated by some distance They create small networks of pcs to do specific tasks, then link together the networks as time goes by
2 (relate) relacionar
the evidence linking smoking with early death las pruebas que relacionan or que establecen una relación entre el tabaco y las muertes prematuras; there is evidence linking the group to a series of terrorist attacks hay pruebas que implican al grupo en una serie de atentados terroristas
there is evidence that some kinds of cancers /are linked with/ this drug the evidence linking cause and effect the EC is determined to link humanitarian aid to respect for human rights The UN Security Council has linked any lifting of sanctions to compliance with the ceasefire terms
intransitive verb
to link together [+parts, components] encajar
the frame is made up of very light components that link together
to link into sth (Comput) conectar con algo
We're looking at linking into the commercial database
links [lɪŋks]
plural noun
1 (golf links) campo (m) or cancha (f) de golf; (LAm)
2 (cuff links) gemelos (m); mancuernas (f); (CAm) (Méx)
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