transitive verb
1. (provide with lining) 
a. forrar 
2. (fig) 
to line one's pocketsforrarse
line [laɪn]
1 (gen) línea (f); (drawn) raya (f)
to draw a line trazar una línea
there's a fine or thin line between genius and madness la línea que separa la genialidad de la locura es muy sutil
line of latitude/longitude línea (f) de latitud/longitud
to put a line through sth tachar or rayar algo; (LAm)
the Line (Geog) el ecuador
to draw the line at sth no tolerar or aceptar algo
one must draw the line somewhere hay que fijar ciertos límites
to know where to draw the line saber dónde pararse
to draw a line under [+episode, event] poner punto final a
It's time to draw a line under recent disputes and try to come to an agreement
to be on the line
his job is on the line su puesto está en peligro; se expone a perder su puesto
to lay it on the line decirlo claramente; hablar con franqueza
to lay or put one's reputation on the line arriesgar su reputación; to put one's neck on the line to put one's ass on the line (US) jugársela (informal)
Richard Gere put his neck on the line to make Sommersby. It was a gamble, both in terms of his public image and his wallet
2 (rope) cuerda (f); (fishing line) sedal (m); (clothes line, washing line) cuerda (f) para tender la ropa
they threw a line to the man in the sea le lanzaron un cable or una cuerda al hombre que estaba en el agua
3 (wrinkle) (on face etc) arruga (f); (in palmistry) raya (f); línea (f)
4 [of print, verse] renglón (m); línea (f)
"new line" (in dictation) "otra línea"
drop me a line escríbeme
to learn one's lines (Teat) aprenderse el papel
to read between the lines leer entre líneas
5 (row) hilera (f); fila (f); línea (f)
line of traffic fila (f) or cola (f) de coches; the traffic stretched for three miles in an unbroken line había una caravana or cola de coches de tres millas; a line of winning numbers (in bingo, lottery etc) una línea ganadora
to be in line with estar de acuerdo con; ser conforme a
to be in line for promotion estar bajo consideración para un ascenso; public sector pay is in line to rise está previsto que suban los salarios del sector público; to keep the party in line mantener la disciplina del partido; to keep people in line mantener a la gente a raya
to bring sth into line with sth poner algo de acuerdo con algo
to fall or get into line (abreast) meterse en fila; to fall into line with sb estar de acuerdo con algn; to fall into line with sth ser conforme a algo
to be out of line with no ser conforme con
he was completely out of line to suggest that ... estaba totalmente fuera de lugar que propusiera que ...
I knew I was out of line to use the words "bloody HVO" but that was what I felt like at the time
all along the line desde principio a fin
somewhere along the line we went wrong en algún punto nos hemos equivocado
to reach or come to the end of the line llegar al final
to step out of line
6 (series) serie (f)
the latest in a long line of tragedies la última de una larga serie or lista de tragedias
7 (lineage) linaje (m)
line of descent linaje (m)
... an old family who traced their line of descent back more than a thousand years to Alexandra Ashtoreth
the title is inherited through the male/female line el título se hereda por línea paterna/materna
he comes from a long line of artists proviene de un extenso linaje de artistas
the royal line el linaje real
Robert himself had married into the old Welsh royal line descended from Arthur and Uther Pendragon
8 (hierarchy)
line of command cadena (f) de mando
9 (Mil) línea (f)
line of battle línea de batalla
the (battle) lines are drawn la guerra está declarada
With the two proposals now on the table, battle lines among the convention's delegates were sharply drawn
the first line of defence la primera línea de retaguardia; el primer escudo protector
This vitamin keeps the skin healthy, which is necessary as it is the first line of defence in the body's immune system These regulations were seen as Germany's first line of defence against the threatening tide of refugees
behind enemy lines tras las líneas enemigas
ship of the line navío (m) de línea
Tablets such as these were issued to spies behind enemy lines
10 especially (US) (queue) cola (f)
to form a line hacer una cola
to get into line ponerse en la cola or a la cola
to stand in line hacer cola
11 (direction) línea (f)
the main or broad lines [of story, plan] las líneas maestras
He may now determine the main lines of French defence policy
along or on the lines of algo por el estilo de
something along those or the same lines algo por el estilo; along or on political/racial lines según criterios políticos/raciales
The division of the empire was largely on racial lines ... an act which split the nation along political lines The sentiments expressed in these letters seemed to break down roughly along racial lines — that is, all writers who were identifiably people of color wrote in support
on the right lines por buen camino
line of argument argumento (m)
line of attack (Mil) modo (m) de ataque; planteamiento (m)
in the line of duty en cumplimiento de sus deberes
it's all in the line of duty es una parte normal del deber
in the line of fire (Mil) en la línea de fuego
line of flight [of bird] trayectoria (f) de vuelo; [of object] trayectoria (f)
The ball disappeared sideways, almost at a right angle to the intended line of flight
line of inquiry línea (f) de investigación
line of sight or vision visual (f)
line of thought hilo (m) del pensamiento
12 (Electricity and Electronics) (wire) cable (m)
to be/come on line (Comput) estar/entrar en (pleno) funcionamiento
13 (Telec) línea (f)
can you get me a line to Chicago? ¿me puede poner con Chicago?
it's a very bad line se oye muy mal
lines of communication líneas (f) de comunicación
The longer the German line of communication, the more vulnerable and laborious it would be, and the more resources committed to it There were no clear lines of communication between the voluntary agencies and the government
to keep the lines of communication open with sb mantener todas las líneas de comunicación abiertas con algn
the line's gone dead se ha cortado la línea
the lines are down no hay línea
the line is engaged or busy (US) está comunicando
hold the line please no cuelgue, por favor
Mr. Smith is on the line (for you) El Sr. Smith está al teléfono (y quiere hablar con usted)
the lines are open from six o'clock onwards las líneas están abiertas de seis en adelante
14 (pipe) (for oil, gas) conducto (m)
After World War Two, with the completion of a national gas line network, most cities switched to natural gas
15 (shape) (usu pl)
the rounded lines of this car la línea redondeada or el contorno redondeado de este coche
... clothes that follow the lines of the body
16 (field, area)
what line (of business) are you in? ¿a qué se dedica?; we're in the same line (of business) nos dedicamos a lo mismo; trabajamos en el mismo campo; line of research campo (m) de investigación; it's not my line (speciality) no es de mi especialidad; fishing's more (in) my line me interesa más la pesca; de pesca sí sé algo
17 (stance, attitude) actitud (f)
to take a strong or firm line on sth adoptar una actitud firme sobre algo
to take the line that ... ser de la opinión que ...; what line is the government taking? ¿cuál es la actitud del gobierno?; to follow or take the line of least resistance conformarse con la ley del mínimo esfuerzo; this is the official line esta es la versión oficial
to toe the line acatar las normas
By the early 1930s, Stalin had decreed that socialist realism was the only acceptable form of art, and the museums and the theaters and the artists of the Russian avant-garde had little choice but to toe the line
to toe or follow the party line conformarse a or seguir la línea del partido
18 (Comm) (product) línea (f)
a new/popular line una línea nueva/popular; that line did not sell at all esa línea de productos se vendió muy mal; we have a nice line in spring hats tenemos un bonito surtido de sombreros para primavera; he's got a nice line in rude jokes lo suyo son los chistes verdes
19 (Ferro) (route) línea (f); (track) vía (f)
down line vía descendente; up line vía ascendente; the line to Palencia el ferrocarril de Palencia; la línea de Palencia
to cross the line(s) cruzar la vía
to leave the line(s) descarrilar
20 (also shipping line) (company) naviera (f)
the Cunard line
(route) línea (f) marítima; ruta (f) marítima
... the New York-Southampton line
21 (clue, lead) pista (f)
to give sb a line on sth poner a algn sobre la pista de algo
the police have a line on the criminal la policía anda or está sobre la pista del delincuente
22 (spiel)
to feed sb a line (about sth) soltar un rollo or contar un cuento chino a algn (sobre algo) (informal)
She spent three days at Institute, knew that she was being given the run around and being fed a line They defined cynicism as not being taken for a ride, not being fed a line to shoot a line
23 (Ind) (assembly line) línea (f)
24 [of cocaine etc] raya (f)
...rock stars snorting lines of coke backstage
transitive verb
(cross with lines) [+paper] rayar; [+field] surcar; [+face] arrugar;
line dancing (n) danza folclórica en que los que bailan forman líneas y filas
line drawing (n) dibujo (m) lineal
line editing (n) corrección (f) por líneas
line feed (n) avance (m) de línea
line fishing (n) pesca (f) con caña
line judge (n) (Tennis) juez (m) de fondo
line manager (n) (Britain) (Ind) jefeajefa (m) (f) de línea;a jefa
line printer (n) impresora (f) de línea
line [laɪn]
transitive verb
1 (put lining in) [+garment] forrar;with de; (Téc) revestir;with de; [+brakes] guarnecer; [+bird] [+nest] cubrir
The goldfinch pulled the fuzz from the thistle seed to line its nest
eat something to line your stomach come algo para no tener el estómago vacío
2 (border)
streets lined with trees calles (f) bordeadas de árboles; to line the route alinearse a lo largo de la ruta; to line the streets ocupar las aceras; portraits lined the walls las paredes estaban llenas de retratos
line is a conjugated form of the verb linar - View Conjugation
masculine noun
1. (agriculture) 
a. flax field 
El fuego consumió la plantación de algodón y el linar.The fire consumed the cotton plantation and the flax field.
flax field
Verb Conjugations for linar
Gerund: linando
Participle: linado
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