masculine noun
1. lynx
  • ser un lince (para algo) -> to be very sharp (at something)

lince [leen'-thay]
1. wild cat. (Ante Meridian & Central America & Mexico) (m)
2. Person of great acuteness and perspicacity. (m)
3. Sharpness, intelligence. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
1. Sharp-sighted, quick-sighted.
  • Ojos de lince -> sharp eyes
2. Acute, penetrating.

1 (Zoología) lynx; (Centroamérica) (México) wild cat
Aseguran que el [lince boreal] ha sido introducido en el Parque Nacional de los Abruzzos.
ser un lince (observador) to be very sharp-eyed; (astuto) to be very shrewd o sharp
tener ojos de lince to be very sharp-eyed
lince ibérico pardal lynx; Spanish lynx
2 (Latinoamérica) (agudeza) sharpness
ojos linces eagle eyes
es muy lince (observador) he's very sharp-eyed; (astuto) he's very shrewd o sharp

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