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limpio, -a
1. clean (sin suciedad) ; clear (cielo, imagen)
2. net (neto) (sueldo)
3. honest (honrado) ; honorable (intenciones) ; clean (juego)
4. (sin culpa)
  • estar limpio, -a to be in the clear
  • limpio, -a de culpa/sospecha free of blame/suspicion
5. broke (informal) (sin dinero) , skint (British)
6. (expresiones)
  • a puñetazo limpio, -a with bare fists
  • abrió la puerta a patada limpia he kicked down the door
7. cleanly, fair
  • pasar
  • a o
  • en limpio, -a, poner en limpio, -a to make a fair copy of, to write out neatly (peninsular SpanishAm)
  • sacar algo en limpio, -a de to make something out from
1 [+casa, cuarto] clean
limpio de algo free from sth; clear of sth
más limpio que los chorros del oro as clean as can be
2 (despejado) clear
el cielo estaba limpio de nubes there was a cloudless sky; there was not a cloud in the sky
3 [+líquidos] pure; clean
4 (en lo moral) pure; (honesto) honest
5 (Dep) [+jugada] fair
6 (Economía) clear; net
50 dólares de ganancia limpia 50 dollars of clear profit
7 (sin dinero)
estar limpio to be broke; quedar(se) limpio to be cleaned out (familiar)
8 (enfático)
a pedrada limpia
se defendieron a pedrada limpia they defended themselves with nothing but stones
a puñetazo limpio with bare fists
lo hizo a clavo limpio
en limpio (Economía) clear; net; copia en limpio fair copy; pasar o poner algo en limpio to make a fair o neat o clean copy of sth; poner un texto en limpio to tidy a text up; produce a final version of a text
sacar algo en limpio to make sense of sth
no pude sacar nada en limpio I couldn't make anything of it
2 (México) (claro de bosque) clearing in a wood; (in a wood) treeless area; bare ground
jugar limpio to play fair
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