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masculine or feminine noun
1. shoeshine (informal) (limpiabotas), bootblack (British)

limpia [leem’-pe-ah]
1. Cleansing, freeing from dirt. (f)
2. Dredging of harbors. (f)
3. A certain tax paid by ships in harbors where dredging is required. (f)
4. Weeding, cleaning. (Agriculture & Ante Meridian & Central America & gram & Mexico) (m)
5. Boot-black. (m)
1. Clean, free from stain; cleanly, limpid.
2. Neat (ordenado), elegant.
3. Pure: applied to families unconnected with Moors or Jews.
4. Pure, unmingled (maíz).
5. Pure (agua), free, clear (despejado).
6. Clear of all charges, net.
7. Pure (moralmente); honest (honrado); fair (juego).
8. Alone (solo).
9. Estar limpio, Not to know a single thing.
  • Jugar limpio -> to deal fair, to act uprightly
  • Poner en limpio -> to make a fair copy
  • Tierra limpia -> even, flat country
  • Costa limpia -> (Naut.) clear coast, without shoals, sand-banks, or shallows
  • En limpio -> in substance; net price; clearly
  • Más limpio que el oro -> as clean as can be
  • 50 dólares de ganancia limpia -> 50 dollars of clear profit
  • Luchar a puñetazo limpio -> to fight with bare fists
10. Fair, clean.
11. En limpio, clearly. (m)
  • No pude sacar nada en limpio -> I couldn't make anything of it

1 (acto de limpiar) cleaning
2 (Centroamérica) (México) (Agr) weeding; clearing
3 (Política) (purga) clean-up; purge
4 (And) (S. Cone) (México) (azotes) beating
1 (persona) bootblack; (niño) shoeshine boy
2 (Automóviles) windscreen wiper; windshield wiper; (EEUU)

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