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ligera [le-hay'-ro, rah]
1. Light, of little weight (de poco peso).
2. Light, thin (tela, ropa).
3. Swift (rápido), light, active, nimble, fleet.
4. Light, gay, airy, unsteady, giddy.
5. Light, trifling.
6. Easily digestible (comida).
7. Unsound, not calm (sueño).
8. Slight (modesto).
9. Superficial (carácter), shallow, flippant; frivolous, flighty.
  • A la ligeralightly, expeditiously
  • Ligero de ropalightly clad
  • Un ligero conocimientoa slight acquaintance
  • Ligero de cascosscatter-brained
  • Juzgar a la ligerato judge hastily
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