transitive verb
1. (to attach) 
a. to tie 
El hombre me ligó las manos a la silla con una cuerda de nailon.The man tied my hands to the chair with a nylon rope.
b. to tie up 
El joven enmascarado ligó a Carmen con unas cuerdas que llevaba consigo.The youth in the mask tied Carmen up with some ropes that he had with him.
c. to bind 
Les ligaron los pies con cinta para que no se escaparan.Their feet were bound with tape so that they couldn't run away.
2. (medicine) 
a. to put a ligature on (an artery) 
E! médico le ligó la arteria a la herida para detener la hemorragia.The doctor put a ligature on the injured woman's artery in order to stop the bleeding.
b. to tie (a tube) 
Cuando nació mi hijo, me ligaron las trompas.When my son was born, I had my tubes tied.
c. to bind up (a foot, ankle or arm) 
Le ligué a Ana el tobillo con un pañuelo.I bound Ana's ankle up with a scarf.
3. (to unite) 
a. to bind 
Este amor que me liga a él me está destrozando.This love which binds me to him is destroying me.
Estaban divorciados, pero los ligaba el hijo que tenían en común.Although they were divorced, they were bound together by the son they had together.
c. to link 
Las fotos publicadas parecen ligar al actor con el mundo de la droga.The published photos appear to link the actor to the world of drugs.
4. (culinary) 
a. to bind 
Hay que ligar la salsa con un trozo de manteca.You need to bind the sauce using a little lard.
Esta harina es ideal para ligar salsas.This flour is perfect for thickening sauces.
5. (metallurgy) 
a. to alloy 
En este experimento vamos a ligar mercurio y plata.In this experiment we will alloy mercury with silver.
6. (colloquial) (cards) 
a. to get 
Ligó tres fulls seguidos jugando al póker.He got three full houses playing poker.
7. (colloquial) (to obtain) (River Plate) 
a. to get 
No vale la pena comprar cereales de esta marca solo para ligar un juguete.It isn't worth buying this brand of cereal just to get a toy.
¿Dónde puedo ligar un vestido como el que llevas?Where can I get hold of a dress like the one you're wearing?
intransitive verb
8. (colloquial) (to enjoy romantic success; often used with "con") 
a. to make out (colloquial) (United States) 
Era tan tímido que necesitaba beber para ligar.He was so shy that he needed to drink to make out.
b. to pull (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
Aquella noche salimos todas dispuestas a ligar.We all went out ready to pull that night.
c. to get off with (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
¿Has ligado con ese chico que te gusta?Did you get off with that boy you like?
d. to score (colloquial) 
Me dicen que ligaste anoche. ¿Quién era?I'm told you scored last night. Who was she?
9. (colloquial) (to be fortunate) (Cuba) (River Plate) (Venezuela) 
Aunque no jugué bien, ligué y gané la partida.Even though I didn't play well, I was lucky and won the game.
Le ligó el asunto y consiguió el trabajo.Things went well for him and he got the job.
reflexive verb
10. (to join; used with "a") 
El jugador británico está a punto de ligarse al equipo español para las próximas cuatro temporadas.The British player is about to commit himself to the Spanish team for the next four seasons.
pronominal verb
11. (colloquial) (to hook up with) 
a. to make out with (colloquial) (United States) 
Se ligó a esa pelirroja de la clase.He made out with that redhead in the class.
b. to get off with (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
Al final Lucy se ha ligado al capitán del equipo de fútbol.Finally Lucy has got off with the captain of the football team.
Daniel se ligó a una chica en un casino.Daniel picked up a girl at a casino.
12. (colloquial) (to receive punishment) (River Plate) 
a. to get 
Se ligó un mes de aislamiento.He got one month in solitary confinement.
transitive verb
1. (unir, aglutinar) 
a. to bind 
2. (atar) 
a. to tie (up) 
3. (salsa) 
a. to thicken 
4. (medicine) 
a. to put a ligature on 
5. (music) 
a. to slur 
intransitive verb
6. (colloquial) 
a. to score 
b. to pull (United Kingdom) 
transitive verb
1 (atar) (gen) to tie; bind; (Med) to bind up; put a ligature on;
2 (mezclar) [+metales] to alloy; mix; [+bebidas] to mix; [+salsa] to thicken
3 (unir) to join; bind together
estar ligado por contrato a to be bound by contract to
4 (conquistar) to pick up (familiar); get off with (familiar); pull (familiar)
5 (birlar) to pinch (familiar)
6 (conseguir) to get hold of; lay one's hands on
7 (comprar) to buy
8 (detener) to nick (familiar)
9 (Caribe) (contratar) to contract in advance for
intransitive verb
1 (ir juntos) to mix well; blend well; go well together
2 (conquistar) to pull (familiar)
parece que han ligado
salieron dispuestas a ligar they went out to try to pick up a man o to pull (familiar); Pepe y Ana han ligado Pepe and Ana have paired up
3 (Caribe) (México) (tener suerte) to have a bit of luck; be lucky
la cosa le ligó (And) (Centroamérica) the affair went well for him
4 (Caribe) (México) (mirar) to look; stare
le ligó su deseo (And) (Caribe) her wish came true
pronominal verb
1 (unirse) to unite; join together
2 (conquistar) to get off with (familiar)
ligarse a o con algn to get off with sb (familiar)
3 (comprometerse) to bind o.s.; commit o.s.
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ligar por Internet
to do Internet dating
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