"ligar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to bind (unir, aglutinar); to tie (up) (atar); to thicken (salsa); to put a ligature on (medicine)
2. to slur (Mús)
intransitive verb
3. to score (informal) (encontrar pareja), to pull (British)
  • ligar con alguien -> to get off with somebody(entablar relaciones) (British), to make out with somebody (United States)
pronomial verb
1. (informal)
  • ligarse a alguien -> to get off with somebody (peninsular SpanishBr), to make out with somebody (United States)

ligar [le-gar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To tie, to bind, to fasten, to knit, to mix (bebidas).
2. To alloy gold or silver for coinage (metal).
3. To league, to coalesce, to confederate.
4. To render impotent by charms or spells.
5. To exorcise, to purify from the influence of malignant spirits.
6. To pick up, to get off with (chica).
7. To get (conseguir).
8. To contract in advance for. (Agriculture & Caribbean & gram)
verb neuter
9. To mix (ir juntos); to blend, to go well together. (n)
10. To have a bit of luck (tener un poco de suerte). (Caribbean & Mexico) (n)
11. To look, to stare (mirar). (Caribbean & Mexico) (n)
12. Ligar con una, to flirt with somebody (flirtear), to pick a girl up (conocer). (n)
verb reflexive
13. To league, to conspire to conjoin, to be leagued, to be allied.
14. To bind oneself to the performance of a contract.

1 (atar) (gen) to tie; bind; (Med) to bind up; put a ligature on;
2 (mezclar) [+metales] to alloy; mix; [+bebidas] to mix; [+salsa] to thicken
3 (unir) to join; bind together
estar ligado por contrato a to be bound by contract to
4 (conquistar) to pick up (familiar); get off with (familiar); pull (familiar)
5 (birlar) to pinch (familiar)
6 (conseguir) to get hold of; lay one's hands on
7 (comprar) to buy
8 (detener) to nick (familiar)
9 (Caribe) (contratar) to contract in advance for
1 (ir juntos) to mix well; blend well; go well together
2 (conquistar) to pull (familiar)
parece que han ligado
salieron dispuestas a ligar they went out to try to pick up a man o to pull (familiar); Pepe y Ana han ligado Pepe and Ana have paired up
3 (Caribe) (México) (tener suerte) to have a bit of luck; be lucky
la cosa le ligó (And) (Centroamérica) the affair went well for him
4 (Caribe) (México) (mirar) to look; stare
le ligó su deseo (And) (Caribe) her wish came true
1 (unirse) to unite; join together
2 (conquistar) to get off with (familiar)
ligarse a o con algn to get off with sb (familiar)
3 (comprometerse) to bind o.s.; commit o.s.

Verb Conjugations for "ligar" (go to to bind; to pair up; to have sex)


yo ligo ligué ligaba ligaría ligaré
ligas ligaste ligabas ligarías ligarás
él/ella/Ud. liga ligó ligaba ligaría ligará
nosotros ligamos ligamos ligábamos ligaríamos ligaremos
vosotros ligáis ligasteis ligabais ligaríais ligaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. ligan ligaron ligaban ligarían ligarán
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