masculine noun
1. (coarse) cloth (tela); piece of cloth (paño)
2. canvas (para pintar)
3. painting (cuadro)

lienzo [le-en’-tho]
1. Linen (tela), cloth made of flax or hemp; canvas. (m)
  • Lienzo encerado -> glazed linen
  • Lienzo curado -> bleached linen
2. Handkerchief (panñuelo). (m)
3. Painting on linen. (m)
4. (Fort). (m)
5. Face or front of a building (fachada). (m)
Curtain, part of a wall lying between the two bastions.

1 (tela) linen
un lienzo a piece of linen
2 (Arte) canvas
3 (pañuelo) handkerchief
4 (Archit) (muro) wall; (fachada) face; front
5 (Latinoamérica) [de valla] section of fence
6 (México) (corral) corral; pen

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