feminine noun
1. hare
  • correr como una liebre (figurative) -> to run like a hare
  • levantar la liebre (figurative) -> to let the cat out of the bag

liebre [le-ay'-bray]
1. Hare. (f)
2. Coward, poltroon. (f)
  • Coger una liebre -> to fall into mud or mire
3. (And Cono Sur) Minibus. (f)
noun, plural
4. Racks or ribs. (Nautical)
5. (Naut).

1 (Zoología) hare
coger una liebre to come a cropper (familiar); take a flat beating; (EEUU)
levantar la liebre to blow the gaff (familiar); let the cat out of the bag
ser liebre corrida (México) to be an old hand
2 (cobarde) coward
3 (Chile) (microbús) minibus

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