feminine noun
1. (title) 
a. degree 
Obtuvo la licenciatura en negocios en 1999.He obtained his business degree in 1999.
2. (studies) 
Estoy haciendo mi licenciatura en literatura.I'm doing my degree course in literature.
b. course of study (United States) 
Está cursando dos licenciaturas a la vez.She's doing two courses of study at the same time.
3. (ceremony) 
Toda su familia asistió a su licenciatura.Her entire family attended her graduation.
1. (general) 
a. degree 
1 (título) degree
2 (estudios) degree course; course of study; (EEUU)
3 (ceremonia) graduation
Until recently most Spanish degree courses lasted five years. Students would be awarded a diplomatura (general degree) if they completed three years of study, and they would get their licenciatura (honours degree) after another two years. Now, under new planes de estudio, or curricula, licenciaturas take four years. The first two years are referred to as the primer ciclo and the final two years as the segundo ciclo.
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