1. (freedom) 
You know you're at liberty to do as you please, don't you?Sabes que tienes libertad para hacer lo que quieras, ¿verdad?
2. (right) 
The liberty to express oneself is an inalienable human right.La libertad para poder expresarse es un derecho inalienable del ser humano.
3. (forward or improper action) 
I'll take the liberty of asking you a personal question. I hope you don't mind.Me voy a tomar la libertad de hacerle una pregunta personal. Espero que no le importe.
What liberty to appear at a party to which he wasn't invited!¡Qué atrevimiento presentarse en una fiesta a la que no estaba invitado!
It seems an unbelievable liberty to speak to her in that manner.Me parece un descaro increíble hablarle de esa forma.
plural noun
4. (license) 
The house is awful. The architect took serious liberties with the design.La casa es un horror. El arquitecto se tomó excesivas libertades con el diseño.
1. (general) 
a. la libertad (F) 
at libertyen libertad
to be at liberty to do somethingtener libertad para hacer algo
to take the liberty of doing somethingtomarse la libertad de hacer algo
to take liberties withtomarse (excesivas) libertades con
what a liberty!¡qué cara más dura!
liberty [ˈlɪbətɪ]
1 (freedom) libertad (f)
...increasing attacks on their liberties and living standards. The idea of being deprived of his liberty terrified him
individual/personal liberty libertad (f) individual/personal
it's a grave infringement of personal liberty
to be at liberty (free) estar en libertad
Only one important figure remains at liberty Islamic militants still at liberty had threatened revenge
to be at liberty to do sth tener libertad para hacer algo; ser libre de hacer algo; I'm not at liberty to say who it was no puedo decir quién fue
consumers are at liberty to spend as much as their incomes permit naturally, you're at liberty to dismiss me as your business manager they are perfectly at liberty to make their own judgments on the matter you are at liberty to do as you please I'm not at liberty to reveal his identity loss of liberty He thought married life might bring certain compensations for the loss of liberty it officially entailed ...the loss of liberty which went with positive vetting His misery had nothing to do with professional failure, loss of liberty or his impending execution liberty [of] conscience
2 (presumption, impertinence) atrevimiento (m)
that was rather a liberty on his part eso fue un atrevimiento por su parte; what a liberty! ¡qué atrevimiento or descaro!
that was rather a liberty, don't you think? taking my car without permission was a bit of a liberty, don't you think? I was infuriated to read that the Eurocrats in the EC are proposing to put a 30 per cent tax on blank cassette tapes. This is a diabolical liberty. Why should purchasers be forced to pay extra for a cassette, even if they have no intention of recording music on it from an album or CD? Those cheeky organisers had written FB on the tree trunk. What a liberty
to take liberties with sb (be cheeky) tomarse libertades or demasiadas confianzas con algn; (sexually) propasarse con algn
He was not the sort of man with whom one took liberties. There are some referees you just don't take liberties with this is a man with whom it would be unwise to take liberties. Nevertheless, he found himself half-resenting the other's formality She would never have taken a liberty with anyone... The hotel manager was always taking liberties with the female staff He admitted to taking a liberty with her. "I did kiss her," he wrote Taking liberties with other people's books requires a certain arrogance he's been accused of taking liberties with the text they didn't take liberties with the melody
to take the liberty of doing sth tomarse la libertad de hacer algo
I have taken the liberty of giving your name I took the liberty of looking you up in the phone book. I took the liberty of going into Anne's wardrobe, as it was open; I was looking for a towel
liberty bodice (n) camiseta (f) interior
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