1. (tolerant person) 
a. el liberal (M)la liberal (F) 
2. (politics) 
Liberalliberal mf
3. (tolerant) 
a. liberal 
liberal educationeducación liberal
4. (generous) 
a. desprendido(a), generoso(a) 
5. (abundant) 
a. abundante, generoso(a) 
6. (politics) 
liberal [ˈlɪbərəl]
1 (tolerant) [+person, view, education, regime] liberal
I hope I'm as liberal as your father was She is known to have liberal views on divorce and contraception He went to the liberal University College School in north London My school was traditional, but more liberal than other public schools the country prospered under the liberal regime of....
2 (generous) [+quantity, amount] abundante; generoso; [+portion] generoso
They splashed him with liberal amounts of icy sea water Cover in a liberal sprinkling of freshly chopped mint His face was covered in a liberal sprinkling of ginger freckles He spread a liberal portion of cream cheese on his bagel Fresh herbs can be used in liberal quantities
to be liberal with sth ser generoso con algo; he is very liberal with his money es muy generoso con el dinero; she was rather liberal with the mayonnaise puso mucha mayonesa; he is not liberal with his praise no es muy pródigo con los elogios
3 (Britain) (Pol) (of the Liberal Party)
Liberal [+MP] del partido liberal; [+government, policy] liberal
...a Liberal MP... ...the 1906-10 Liberal [Government].
4 (free) [+interpretation, translation] libre
1 (broad-minded person) liberal (m)
a pair of enlightened liberals. He warned liberals against mimicking Republican policies.
2 (Britain) (Pol)
Liberal liberal (m)
The Liberals will support the motion...
the liberal arts (n) especially (US) (Univ) las humanidades; las artes liberales
She went to Rome and taught the liberal arts Recently Spelman was designated the best regional liberal arts college in the South
Liberal Democrat (n) (Britain) (Pol) demócrata (m) liberal
Fewer than a third can name a single Liberal Democrat
the Liberal Democratic Party (n) (Britain) el Partido Democrático Liberal
the Liberal Party (n) (Britain) el Partido Liberal
liberal studies (n) especially (Britain) asignatura de letras complementaria para aquellos que estudian ciencias
...a liberal studies course
1 (Política) liberal
2 (tolerante) liberal; open-minded
son muy liberales con sus hijos
3 (generoso) liberal; generous
4 [+profesión] liberal
otra posibilidad de vivir en el campo es dedicarse a una profesión liberal o artística
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