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1. mentiroso(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
liar [ˈlaɪəʳ]
mentirosoamentirosa (m) (f);a mentirosa embusteroaembustera (m) (f);a embustera
liar! ¡mentira!
transitive verb
1. to tie up (atar)
2. to roll (cigarrillo)
3. (envolver)
  • liar algo en to wrap something up in (papel)
4. (involucrar)
  • liar a alguien (en) to get somebody mixed up (in)
5. to confuse (complicar)
  • ¡ya me has liado! now you've really got me confused!
  • su declaración no hizo más que liar el tema his statement only complicated o confused matters
6. (informal)
  • liarla to mess things up (meter la pata) (peninsular Spanish)
  • ¡ya la hemos liado!, ¿por qué la invitaste? you've really gone and done it now, why did you invite her?
pronominal verb
1. to get muddled up (enredarse)
  • me lié y tardé tres horas en terminar I got muddled o confused and took three hours to finish
2. to begin, to start (empezar) (peninsular Spanish)
  • liarse a hacer algo to start o begin doing something
  • se liaron a puñetazos they set about one another
3. to get involved (informal) (sentimentalmente) (peninsular Spanish)(con with), to have an affair (con with)
transitive verb
1 [+fardos, paquetes] (atar) to tie up; (envolver) to wrap (up)
lía este paquete con una cuerda tie up this parcel with some string
2 [+cigarrillo] to roll
3 (confundir) to confuse
me liaron con tantas explicaciones they confused me with all their explanations; ¡no me líes! (no me confundas) don't confuse me!; (no me metas en problemas) don't get me into trouble!
liarla (provocar una discusión) to stir up trouble; (hacer algo mal) to make a mess of things; ¡la liamos! we've done it now! (familiar)
liarlas (irse) to beat it (familiar); (morir) to peg out (muy_familiar)
pronominal verb
1 (confundirse) to get muddled up
explícalo mejor, que ya te has vuelto a liar explain it a bit better, you've got all muddled up again
2 (sentimentalmente)
liarse con algn to have an affair with sb; get involved with sb; se ha liado con su jefe she's having an affair with her boss
liarse a nos liamos a hablar y se nos pasó la hora we got talking and we forgot the time; nos liamos a ver fotos y estuve allí toda la tarde we got to looking through photos and I stayed there all evening
liarse a golpes o a palos to lay into one another (familiar)
Verb Conjugations for liar
Gerund: liando
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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