feminine noun
1. levy (military)
2. weighing anchor (Náut)
3. cam (mechanics)

leva [lay’-vah]
1. Act of weighing anchor. (Nautical) (f)
  • Pieza de leva -> shot fired as a signal for weighing anchor
2. Levy, the act of raising men for military service; press. (f)
3. Swell of the sea. (Nautical) (f)
  • Hay mar de leva -> there is a swell in the offing
4. Cog, tooth, cam, wiper. (f)
5. Play of a piston. (f)
noun, plural
6. Tricks, artful devices.
  • Bajar la leva a uno -> (And. Cono Sur) To do somebody mischief
  • Echar levas -> (And, Mex.) to boast

1 (Náutica) weighing anchor
2 (Mil) levy
3 (Mecánica) cam
4 (And) (Centroamérica) (estafa) trick; swindle; ruse
bajar la leva a algn (And) (S. Cone) to do sb a mischief
caer de leva (Centroamérica) to play the fool
echar levas (And) (México) (jactarse) to boast; (And) (amenazar) to bluster; utter threats
encender la leva a algn (Caribe) to give sb a good hiding (familiar)
ponerse la leva (And) (largarse) to beat it (familiar); (hacer novillos) to play truant; (faltar al trabajo) to skive off work (familiar)

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