let down
transitive verb phrase
1. (hem) 
a. bajar 
2. (tire) 
a. deshinchar, desinflar 
3. (fig) 
to l one's hair downsoltarse el pelo
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (disappoint, fail) 
to l somebody downfallar a alguien
the car let us down againel coche nos dejó tirados otra vez
let down
transitive verb
1 (lower) [+window] bajar; [+hair] soltar; dejar suelto; (on rope) bajar
to let one's hair down soltarse la melena (informal)
There is always a slight reserve, a hesitation to let their hair down and feel at ease you should consciously let your hair down from time to time, and have real, relaxed fun with your children, totally forgetting material problems and pressures of work
2 (lengthen) [+dress, hem] alargar
3 (deflate) [+tyre] desinflar
4 (disappoint) defraudar; (fail) fallar
the weather let us down el tiempo nos defraudó; we all felt let down todos nos sentimos defraudados; I trusted you and you let me down confié en ti y me fallaste; I was badly let down me llevé un gran chasco; this car has never let me down yet hasta ahora este coche nunca me ha fallado; my backhand lets me down el revés me falla
it has never let us down yet If Andy is selected I know he wouldn't let anybody down I was always punctual and never let the company down
to let o.s. down quedar mal
he is like an adopted son to me and I'm very disappointed. He has let himself down we have let ourselves down in the last couple of matches
to let the side down
she would never let the side down jamás nos haría quedar mal; jamás nos fallaría
British workers are the best in the world - it is the managements who let the side down but now Hugh has really let the side down by indulging in sexually seedy behaviour In private, she can be as funny as anyone about her brother's adventures but, in public, she would never let the side down
to let sb down gently amortiguarle el golpe a algn
Of course, the President would let the Minister down gently, but he had to be made to resign there'd never be any way to let her down gently - what could you say to such an innocent person? But how could I let her down gently? she had to find out the truth sooner or later
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