1. (period of instruction) 
Today's lesson will cover the topic of Cuban culture.La lección de hoy versará sobre la cultura cubana.
b. la clase (F) 
The teacher gives private lessons in her free time.La maestra da clases particulares en su tiempo libre.
2. (practical knowledge) 
After three accidents, have you learned your lesson?Después de tres accidentes, ¿has aprendido la lección?
1. (general) 
a. la clase f, lección (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
he has learned his lessonha aprendido la lección
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to teach somebody a lessondar una lección a alguien
lesson [ˈlesn]
1 (class) clase (f)
It's a pity we had to miss our lesson last week The pupils have prayers before lessons begin at 9am
a French/tennis lesson una clase de francés/tenis
...a history lesson. what time do lessons begin?
to give swimming/piano lessons dar clases de natación/piano; to give (sb) private lessons in maths dar (a algn) clases particulares de matemáticas
He was so badly paid that he had to give private lessons in mathematics to earn extra money to [have] [take] dancing/driving/music lessons The teacher said she ought to have dancing lessons
she's having driving lessons le están dando clases de conducir
I've only had singing lessons since I was sixteen She has lessons from former international rider Charles Gray I'd only been having lessons for a few weeks and the clarinet was on loan he has never had an acting lesson in his life to have take lessons [in] ... She took daily lessons in typing and shorthand He took acting lessons in Manhattan in the hope of becoming an actor
2 (in textbook) lección (f)
look at the graph at the beginning of Lesson Six Lesson Three deals with the effects of aromatherapy oils on the mind See your notes in lesson 34.
3 lección (f)
It was a painful lesson, one I never forgot "You've been right out of order. You need a lesson." He stamped down on the right shin very hard I learned a valuable lesson about life that day I had learned the [first] lesson of doing somebody else's job: it's always more difficult than it looks. There's still one lesson to be learned from the crisis, we all need to better understand one another lesson number one is to ... Lesson number one is to understand the tides, otherwise it is easy to find yourself marooned on a mud flat for 12 hours
if there is a single lesson to be drawn from this, it is that ... si hay algo que podemos aprender de esto, es que ...; there are lessons to be learnt from this terrible tragedy esta terrible tragedia nos debe servir de lección; let that be a lesson to you! ¡que te sirva de lección!, ¡para que aprendas!; to teach sb a lesson dar una lección a algn; his courage is a lesson to us all su valor debe servirnos a todos de lección
Everyone's been taught a lesson, including Tim I'll teach him a lesson that he won't forget!
4 (Rel) lectura (f)
lesson plan (n) plan (m) de estudio
He says he'll probably scrap his lesson plans for the rest of the semester He departs from the written lesson plan and uses the conversation to convey a broader message about cultural values and religious conviction
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