1. (letter) 
a. la l (F) 
The word "London" beings with an l.La palabra "Londres" empieza con una l.
b. la ele (F) 
Is there an l in "talk"?¿Hay una ele en "talk"?
(letter) L; l (f)
L for Lucy L de Lorenzo
1 (in maps etc) lake
2 (Aut) learner
L-plate (Britain) placa (f) de la L de conductor en prácticas; (de conductor en prácticas)
note See culture box in entry driving.
3 (garment size) large
4 left izq.; izq.o
5 litre(s) l
6 (Ling) Latin
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usage note
Les becomes se when lo, la, los, or las is added.
pronoun personal plural
se is used instead of les when it is used as an indirect object pronoun before lo, la, los, las (se lo dije I said it to them; dáselo give it to them).
1. (complemento indirecto) (to) them (ellos); (to) you (ustedes)
  • les expliqué el motivo I explained the reason to them
  • les tengo miedo I'm afraid of them
  • ya les dije lo que pasaría I told you what would happen (a ustedes)
2. (complemento directo) them (ellos) (peninsular Spanish); you (ustedes)
personal pronoun
1 (directo) (a ellos, ellas) them; (a ustedes) you
2 (indirecto) (a ellos, ellas) (to) them; (a ustedes) (to) you
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