1. (measurement) 
a. el largo (M) 
What length is the swimming pool?¿Cuál es el largo de la piscina?
Have you measured the length of the table?¿Ya mediste la longitud de la mesa?
2. (time) 
Fees depend on the length of the course.La matrícula depende de la duración del curso.
3. (extent) 
The text must be no more than 500 words in length.El texto debe tener una extensión de no más de 500 palabras.
4. (piece) 
a. el trozo (M) 
She cut a length of string.Cortó un trozo de cordel.
5. (sports) 
a. el cuerpo (M) (in horse racing) 
Our horse won by a length.Nuestro caballo ganó por un cuerpo.
b. el largo (M) (in rowing) 
They were half a length ahead.Ganaban por medio largo.
c. el largo (M) (of swimming pool) 
I do 20 lengths every day.Me hago 20 largos cada día.
1. (in space) 
a. la longitud (F) 
it's 4.50m in lengthtiene 4,5 m de longitud
to wander the length and breadth of the countryvagabundear a lo largo y ancho del país
2. (in time) 
a. la duración (F) 
at (great) lengthextensamente, dilatadamente
a great length of timeun largo periodo de tiempo
length of serviceantigüedad en la empresa
to go to the length of doing somethingllegar incluso a hacer algo
to go to great lengths to do somethingtomarse muchas molestias para hacer algo
he would go to any lengths (to do something)estaría dispuesto a cualquier cosa (con tal de hacer algo)
3. (piece; of wood, string) 
a. el trozo m, pedazo (M) 
4. (of swimming pool) 
a. el largo (M) 
length [leŋ(k)θ]
1 (size) largo (m); longitud (f)
what is its length? what length is it? ¿cuánto tiene or mide de largo?
what length do you want? his legs were different lengths the length of the fish the plane had a wing span of 34ft and a length of 22ft to lie/fall [full] length you've only translated one of the possibilities she lay full length on the bed the blow sent him sprawling full length on the floor
two pieces of cable of roughly equal or the same length dos trozos (m) de cable de aproximadamente el mismo largo or la misma longitud; the tail was at least twice the length of the body el rabo medía por lo menos el doble que el cuerpo; his trousers were never the right length for him los pantalones nunca le quedaban bien de largo
first measure the length of the string make sure the pieces are the same length the length of your hair is as important as the length of your skirt
it was two metres in length tenía or medía dos metros de largo
they range in length from three to six metres su longitud varía entre los tres y los seis metros; they vary in length son de diferentes medidas
Indian Rhinos grow to a length of 4.2 m they can grow to the length of a finger the bull elk can reach a length of 9 feet the overall length of the telescope stockings emphasize the length of legs no one can tell their daughter what the length of her skirt should be
2 (extent) [of street, river, house]
he ran the length of the pitch
the room runs the length of the house la habitación tiene el largo de la casa; he walked the length of the beach recorrió toda la orilla de la playa; I walked the entire length of the street recorrí la calle de una punta a la otra
along the whole length of the river the windows ran the length of the wall I looked along the length of the building
I have travelled the length and breadth of the country he viajado a lo largo y ancho del país; he viajado por todo el país
across the length and breadth of the country land fans the length and breadth of the country
[of book, letter, essay] extensión (f)
an essay 4,000 words in length un ensayo de 4.000 palabras (de extensión)
he wrote her letters [of] great length
to go to great lengths to do sth esforzarse mucho para hacer algo
I've gone to great lengths to get it finished he would go to any length(s) to succeed
I'd go to any length(s) to protect her haría cualquier cosa por protegerla
I didn't think he would go to such lengths to get the job no creí que fuera a esforzarse hasta tal punto para conseguir el trabajo she went to extraordinary lengths to keep it a secret
they went to extraordinary lengths to keep their relationship secret llegaron a extremos insospechables para mantener su relación en secreto
he went to the length of asking my advice Greta Garbo went to great lengths to hide from reporters and photographers
3 (duration) duración (f)
there are no restrictions on length of stay the average length of a consultation is half an hour the exact length of each period may vary
a concert two hours in length un concierto de dos horas de duración
the tracks range from 13 to 32 minutes in length the inspiration stemming from his travels lasted the length of his career his film, over two hours in length, is a subtle if slightly ponderous dissection of family life
length of service antigüedad (f); años (m) de servicio
employees are rewarded on results, not on their length of service they are extending the length of service of all reservists to one year your leave entitlement depends on length of service for what length of [time]? for some length of time
we must reduce the length of time patients have to wait tenemos que reducir el tiempo de espera de los pacientes
the length of time he took to do it
you couldn't keep that effort up for any length of time un esfuerzo así no se puede mantener (durante) mucho tiempo; if you were outside for any length of time you'd freeze to death si te quedases en la calle más de un cierto tiempo, morirías congelado
if you stayed in the water for any length of time you'd freeze to death the heart is incapable of beating at that rate for any length of time we were surprised at the length of time it has taken him to make up his mind
at length (finally) finalmente; por fin
at length he stood up at length my father went into the house he was at length persuaded to undertake the mission
(in detail) [+discuss] detenidamente; [+explain] con mucho detalle; [+write] extensamente
to discuss sth [at] length we discussed it at length to explain sth at length
(for a long time) largo y tendido
she spoke at (some) length habló largo y tendido; he would quote Shakespeare at great length se recreaba dando interminables citas de Shakespeare
we have spoken at length and she is very, very angry She also talked at length of her ordeal with the police at [some] length he dwells at some length on this subject the second fact will be considered at some length in Chapter 7 we talked at some length about his father Freud discussed telepathic dreams at some length in several paper
5 (piece) [of rope, wire, tubing] trozo (m); pedazo (m); [of cloth] largo (m); corte (m); [of track, road] tramo (m)
he attached the hook to a length of rope cut the celery into 2-inch lengths he had been bound to the pole with a length of barbed wire Martin rigged up a pump and we ran lengths of hose from the well to the pool I bought several lengths of dress material old grey dress which she had prettified with some lengths of Brussels lace if you look along a straight length of railway track the ends seem to meet on the horizon
dress length largo (m) para vestido
I bought myself a dress length of blue silk
6 [of vowel, syllable] duración (f); cantidad (f); (Téc)
7 (Dep) (in horse races) cuerpo (m); (in rowing) largo (m); [of pool] largo (m)
to win by half a length/four lengths ganar por medio cuerpo/cuatro cuerpos
the horse won by a length/half a length he was 2 lengths behind the leader Harvard won by four lengths 4 lengths of the pool to swim 40 lengths the race will be swum over 6 lengths he was about 3 car lengths behind me
length mark (n) (Ling) signo (m) de vocal larga
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de largo mediano
sleeve length
largo de la manga
medium-length hair
pelo de largo mediano
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