1. (escape) 
a. el escape (M) 
I checked the engine for oil leakage, but couldn't fing anything.Revisé el motor por si acaso había un escape de aceite, pero no vi nada.
b. la fuga (F) 
The engineer found the crack in the pipe where there was a leakage of gas.El ingeniero encontró la grieta de la tubería por la que se producía la fuga de gas.
2. (disclosure of secret information) 
The company called in the police to investigate an alleged leakage of information to its competitors.La empresa llamó a la policía para que investigara una presunta filtración de información a sus competidores.
1. (of liquid, gas) 
a. el fuga f, escape (M) 
2. (of information) 
a. la filtración (F) 
leakage [ˈliːkɪdʒ]
1 [of gas, liquid] escape (m); fuga (f)
public outrage that so little has been done by the water industry to stem the massive loss of water through leakage Officials say there was no radiation leakage the cost of fighting leakages
2 filtración (f)
the prime minister deplores all leakages of this kind
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