1. (foremost) 
a. principal 
The keynote address at the conference will be given by the leading expert in public finance.El discurso de apertura de la conferencia será ofrecido por el principal experto en finanzas públicas.
b. destacado 
Rafael is a leading politician in his country.Rafael es un político destacado en su país.
c. líder 
Germany is the leading country in green infrastructure.Alemania es el país líder en infraestructura verde.
A leading brand in educational children's toys will open a new store this month.Una marca importante de juguetes infantiles educativos abrirá una nueva tienda este mes.
2. (in a competition or parade) 
Carlos is leading the Christmas parade this Sunday.Carlos va a la cabeza del desfile navideño este domingo.
b. en cabeza 
Silvano is the leading driver in the race.Silvano es el piloto en cabeza en la carrera.
3. (front) 
a. anterior 
They repaired the damage to the leading edge of the plane's wing.Se repararon los daños del borde anterior del ala del avión.
4. (theater) 
a. primero 
She was the leading lady in many movies in the 80s.Fue la primera actriz en varias películas de los años 80.
He was excited to get the leading role in the play.Estaba entusiasmado de conseguir el papel protagonista en la obra.
5. (guiding) 
a. capciosa 
The lawyer asked the witness a leading question.El abogado le hizo una pregunta capciosa al testigo.
1. (best, most important) 
a. principal, destacado(a) 
one of Europe's leading electronics firmsuna de las principales empresas europeas de electrónica
a leading authority in the fielduna destacada autoridad en la materia
2. (general) (United Kingdom) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
leading lightfigura f prominente
leading questionpregunta f capciosa
3. (cinema and theater) 
a. no direct translation 
leading rolepapel protagonista
4. (team, runner) 
a. líder 
leading [ˈliːdɪŋ]
1 (foremost) [+expert, politician, writer] principal; más destacado
he is one of the leading exponents of tae-kwon do many of the country's leading sportsmen and women will be there A demand for change came from leading politicians One of Germany's leading industrialists has been assassinated in Dusseldorf Mr. Kaunda is a leading advocate of economic sanctions against South ...some of the leading women's organizations (Ind)
[+producer] principal; (Teat) (Cine) [+part, role] principal; de protagonista
the world's leading producer of coffee she is a leading figure in the animal rights movement
[+company, product, brand] líder
Among ten leading American cigarettes, only one has a low tar rating In films, Jill Bennett had leading parts in Charge of the Light Brigade and Julius Caesar He won an award for his performance in the leading role of Hajj in Kismet
one of Britain's leading writers uno de los principales or más destacados escritores británicos; to play the leading role or part in [+film, play] interpretar el papel principal or de protagonista en
Dustin Hoffman plays the leading role in Rainman
2 (prominent) [+expert, politician, writer] destacado
leading scientists believe it will be possible destacados científicos creen que será posible; a leading member of the Sikh community un miembro destacado de la comunidad sij; a leading industrial nation un país industrializado líder; uno de los principales países industrializados
Britain's future as a leading industrial nation depends on investment Britain is no longer a leading industrial nation a meeting between the seven leading industrial nations many of the leading industrial nations lack the will to impose econmomic sanctions
to play a leading role or part in sth jugar un papel importante or destacado en algo
she played a leading role in organizing the meeting
3 (in race) [+athlete, horse, driver] en cabeza; que va a la cabeza
the leading athletes are now beginning to pull away from the rest of the field the leading runners are now approaching the fifth fence the leading driver is Jacques Villeneuve in the Williams-Renault
(in procession, convoy) que va a la cabeza
The leading battalions were forced back
leading article (n) (Britain) (Press) artículo (m) de fondo; editorial (m)
He was able to continue his attack in a leading article of 30th October The Guardian has a leading article on the Labour Party conference's decision to look at alternative systems for electing Members of Parliament
leading edge (n) (Aer) [of wing] borde (m) anterior; (forefront) vanguardia (f)
to be at or on the leading edge of estar a la vanguardia de
Israel tends to be at the leading edge of technological development /We want to be on the leading edge of the movement/, not just a part of it
leading lady (n) (Teat) primera actriz (f); (Cine) protagonista (f)
...their enchanting leading lady, Yvonne Printemps
leading light (n) figura (f) principal
Many of the Socialists' leading lights have been implicated in scandal or failure
leading man (n) (Teat) primer actor (m); (Cine) protagonista (m)
Brightman has chosen Jason Connery to be her leading man in her first straight theatrical role
leading question (n) pregunta (f) capciosa
What reporter would ask such blatantly leading questions?
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