1. (indolent) 
a. perezoso 
Sloths aren't lazy; actually, they conserve energy as a survival tactic.Los perezosos no son perezosos; más bien, conservan energía como táctica de sobrevivencia.
Your brother is so lazy.Tu hermano es bien perezoso.
b. flojo 
Lazy workers don't last at this company. Los trabajadores flojos no duran mucho en esta empresa.
c. vago 
If she continues being lazy, she won't graduate. Si ella sigue siendo vaga, no se va a graduar.
d. holgazán 
The cook is so lazy! ¡El cocinero es tan holgazán!
2. (relaxing) 
It would be so nice to take a lazy holiday.Qué maravilloso sería tomar unas vacaciones descansadas.
b. relajado 
It was a lazy Sunday; I did nothing all day. Fue un domingo relajado; no hice nada el día entero.
3. (related to eyes) 
a. vago 
I need glasses because of my lazy eye.Necesito gafas a causa de mi ojo vago.
4. (careless) 
I can't give a good grade to such lazy work. No puedo dar una nota buena por trabajo tan descuidado.
5. (indifferent) 
His fashion sense is downright lazy. Su sentido de la moda es absolutamente despreocupado.
6. (form of address) 
a. perezoso 
Get up, lazy!¡Levántate, perezoso!
Wake up, lazy!¡Despiértate, floja!
Move over, lazy!¡Hazte para allá, vago!
1. (person) 
a. perezoso(a) 
2. (afternoon) 
a. ocioso(a) 
lazy [ˈleɪzɪ] lazier (comparative)laziest (superlative)
1 (idle) perezoso; vago
His teacher thought he was lazy Lazy and incompetent police officers are letting the public down
to feel lazy tener pereza; tener flojera (informal); especially (LAm)
Do this exercise whenever you feel lazy or tired
to have a lazy eye (Med) tener un ojo vago
Contact your health visitor immediately if you suspect problems such as squint or lazy eye Infants given spectacles to deal with severe longsightedness are much less likely than others to develop a squint or a lazy eye
2 (unconsidered) [+assumption] poco meditado
the lazy assumption that he was past the worst of his problems Lazy comparisons are being made with Tracy Chapman, Tasmin Archer and just about any other black female singer you could mention
it's another example of lazy thinking es otro ejemplo de pensar sin cuestionar las cosas
3 (relaxed) [+smile, gesture] perezoso; [+meal, day] relajado; [+holiday] descansado
we spent a lazy Sunday on the river pasamos un domingo de lo más relajado en el río
We would have a lazy lunch and then lie on the beach in the sun lazy Sunday mornings when I read the papers ...a lazy holiday on the beach he gave me a lazy wave of his hand She gave a lazy smile the long, lazy days of summer lazy summer evenings
4 [+river] lento
a valley of rolling farms spread out along a lazy river
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