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transitive verb
1. to wash (limpiar)
  • lavar a mano to hand-wash, to wash by hand
  • lavar y marcar shampoo and set
  • lavar en seco to dry-clean
  • lavarle el cerebro a alguien (figurative) to brainwash somebody
2. to clear (honor); to make up for (ofensa)
intransitive verb
3. to get things clean (detergente)
4. to do the washing (hacer la colada)
pronominal verb
1. to wash
  • espera un momento, que me estoy lavando hold on a minute, I'm washing o I'm getting washed
  • lavarse las manos/la cara to wash one's hands/face
  • lavarse los dientes to brush o clean one's teeth
transitive verb
1 (limpiar) to wash
lávale la cabeza a la niña wash the child's hair; lavar los platos to wash the dishes; do the washing up; lavar en seco to dry-clean; lavar y marcar to shampoo and set; tejanos lavados a la piedra stonewashed jeans; camisa de lava y pon drip-dry shirt
2 [+dinero] to launder
3 [+honor, ofensa, pecado] to wash away
4 (Minería) to wash
pronominal verb
lavarse to wash; have a wash
tengo que lavarme antes de salir I need to wash o have a wash before going out; lavarse los dientes to clean one's teeth; me lavé las manos antes de comer I washed my hands before eating; el gobierno se lavó las manos ante este asunto the government washed their hands of the whole affair
Verb Conjugations for lavar
Gerund: lavando
Participle: lavado
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